Man pages for boxr
Interface for the ' API'

box_add_descriptionAdd description to a Box file
box_authAuthenticate to Box (interactive-app)
box_auth_on_attachAuthenticate to Box (interactive) automatically
box_auth_serviceAuthenticate to Box (service-app)
box_browseOpen a Box directory or file in browser
box_collab_createCreate Box collaboration
box_collab_deleteDelete Box collaboration
box_collab_getGet Box collaborations
box_comment_createCreate/get Box comments
box_delete_fileMove files within Box, from/to trash directory
box_dir_createCreate a Box directory
box_dir_diffCompare the contents of Remote and Local Directories
box_dir_inviteInvite collaboration
box_dlDownload/upload files from/to Box
box_fetchDownload/upload directories from/to Box
box_fresh_authRe-authenticate to Box (interactive-app)
boxGetIssue a get request for a file stored on
box_lsList files in a Box directory
box_previous_versionsGet version information
box_readRead an R object from a Box file
boxr_optionsGet boxr options
boxr-packageboxr: access the Box API
boxr_S3_classesboxr S3 Classes
box_saveDownload/upload an R workspace from/to a Box file
box_searchSearch Box files
box_setwdGet/set Box default working-directory
box_sourceSource R code from a Box file
box_upload_newUpload or update a file
box_version_apiAccess Box version API
box_version_historyGet version information
box_writeWrite an R object to a Box file
create_loc_dir_dfCreate a data.frame of metadata of the contents of a local...
dirTreeRecursiveObtain a data.frame of the sub-directories in a
downloadDirFilesSingle Directory Operations for Downloading and Uploading...
pipePipe operator
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