braidrm: Fitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model

Contains functions for evaluating, analyzing, and fitting combined action dose response surfaces with the Bivariate Response to Additive Interacting Dose (BRAID) model of combined action.

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AuthorNathaniel R. Twarog
Date of publication2016-03-08 00:13:04
MaintainerNathaniel R. Twarog <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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braidrm Man page
braidrm.default Man page
braidrm.formula Man page
braidrm-package Man page
calcBRAIDconfint Man page
es1data Man page
es1extdata Man page
es1extplates Man page
es1plates Man page
es8data Man page
es8extdata Man page
es8extplates Man page
es8olatmz Man page
es8plates Man page
evalBRAIDrsm Man page
evalHillEqn Man page
ew8data Man page
ew8plates Man page
findBestBRAID Man page
findBestBRAID.default Man page
findBestBRAID.formula Man page
findBestHill Man page
findBestHill.default Man page
findBestHill.formula Man page
getBRAIDbootstrap Man page
getHillBootstrap Man page
hillConcCorrect Man page
invertBRAIDrsm Man page
invertHillEqn Man page
print.braidrm Man page
print.summary.braidrm Man page
runBRAIDanalysis Man page
summary.braidrm Man page

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