Man pages for braidrm
Fitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model

braidrmBRAID Synergy Dose-Response Modeling
braidrm-packageFitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model
calcBRAIDconfintCalculate General BRAID Confidence Intervals
es1dataResults from Ewings-Sarcoma Experiments
es1platesPlate Information from Ewings-Sarcoma Experiments
es8olatmzResults from Ewings-Sarcoma Experiments
evalBRAIDrsmCalculate BRAID Surface Values
evalHillEqnCalculate and Invert Hill Equation
findBestBRAIDSelect Best Fitting BRAID Surface Model
findBestHillFit Hill Model with Model Selection
getBRAIDbootstrapBootstrap BRAID Parameter Confidence Intervals
getHillBootstrapBootstrap Hill Equation Parameter Confidence Intervals
hillConcCorrectHill-Based Concentration Correction
invertBRAIDrsmInvert BRAID Response Function
runBRAIDanalysisRun Full BRAID Analysis
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