Man pages for broom.mixed
Tidying Methods for Mixed Models

assert_dependencycheck if a package is available and return informative...
augment.ranef.merAugmentation for random effects (for caterpillar plots etc.)
brms_tidiersTidying methods for a brms model
compactRemove NULL items in a vector or list
extractEffectsInternal function to extract the fixed or random effects from...
fixef.MCMCglmmExtract fixed effects from an 'MCMCglmm' object
gamlss_tidiersTidying methods for gamlss objects
get_methodsRetrieve all method/class combinations currently provided by...
glmmadmb_tidiersTidying methods for glmmADMB models
glmmTMB_tidiersTidying methods for glmmTMB models
insert_NAsinsert a row of NAs into a data frame wherever another data...
lme4_tidiersTidying methods for mixed effects models
mcmc_tidiersTidying methods for MCMC (Stan, JAGS, etc.) fits
nlme_tidiersTidying methods for mixed effects models
paramNamesMCMCglmmExtract the parameter names from an 'MCMCglmm' object
ranefLevelsExtract the levels of factors used for random effects in...
ranef.MCMCglmmExtract random effects from an 'MCMCglmm' object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rstanarm_tidiersTidying methods for an rstanarm model
stdranefExtract standard deviation of "random" effects from an...
tidy.TMBTidying methods for TMB models
tidy.varFuncTidy variance structure for the 'nlme' package.
unrownamestrip rownames from an object
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