brr: Bayesian Inference on the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates

Implementation of the Bayesian inference for the two independent Poisson samples model, using the semi-conjugate family of prior distributions.

AuthorSt├ęphane Laurent
Date of publication2015-09-07 18:17:47
MaintainerSt├ęphane Laurent <>

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Man pages

Beta2Dist: Beta distribution of the second kind

BNBDist: Beta-negative binomial distribution

Brr: Creation and summary of a 'brr' object

brr-package: Bayesian inference on the ratio of two Poisson rates

frequentist: Frequentist inference about the relative risk

GB2Dist: Gamma-Beta2 distribution

GIBDist: Gamma-Inverse Beta distribution

Inference: Inference summaries

inference_brr: Credibility intervals and estimates

intrinsic2_discrepancy: Second intrinsic discrepancy

Intrinsic2Inference: Intrinsic inference on the rates ratio based on the second...

intrinsic_discrepancy: Intrinsic discrepancy

IntrinsicInference: Intrinsic inference on the rate ratio.

PGB2Dist: Poisson-Gamma-Beta2 distribution

PGIBDist: Poisson-Gamma-Inverse Beta distribution

plot.brr: plot brr

Posterior_lambda: Posterior distribution on the incidence rate in the treated...

Posterior_mu: Posterior distribution on the rate in the control group

Posterior_phi: Posterior distribution on the relative risk and the vaccine...

Post_x: Posterior predictive distribution of the count in the treated...

Post_y: Posterior predictive distribution of the count in the control...

PriorAndPosterior: Prior and posterior distributions

Prior_lambda: Prior distribution on the incidence rate in the treated group

Prior_mu: Prior distribution on the rate in the control group

Prior_phi: Prior distribution on the relative risk and the vaccine...

Prior_x: Prior predictive distribution of the count in the treated...

Prior_x_given_y: Prior predictive distribution of the count x in the treated...

Prior_y: Prior predictive distribution of the count in the control...

summary_gamma: Summary of a Gamma distribution

summary_nbinom: Summary of a Negative Binomial distribution


Beta2Dist Man page
BNBDist Man page
brr Man page
Brr Man page
brr_estimates Man page
brr_intervals Man page
brr-package Man page
coef.brr Man page
confint.brr Man page
dbeta2 Man page
dbeta_nbinom Man page
dGB2 Man page
dGIB Man page
dPGB2 Man page
dPGIB Man page
dpost Man page
dpost_lambda Man page
dpost_mu Man page
dpost_phi Man page
dpost_VE Man page
dpost_x Man page
dpost_y Man page
dprior Man page
dprior_lambda Man page
dprior_mu Man page
dprior_phi Man page
dprior_VE Man page
dprior_x Man page
dprior_x_given_y Man page
dprior_y Man page
FrequentistInference Man page
GB2Dist Man page
GIBDist Man page
Inference Man page
inference.brr Man page
intrinsic2_bounds Man page
intrinsic2_discrepancy Man page
intrinsic2_estimate Man page
intrinsic2_H0 Man page
Intrinsic2Inference Man page
intrinsic2_phi0 Man page
intrinsic2_phi0_sims Man page
intrinsic_bounds Man page
intrinsic_discrepancy Man page
intrinsic_estimate Man page
intrinsic_H0 Man page
IntrinsicInference Man page
intrinsic_phi0 Man page
intrinsic_phi0_sims Man page
moment_GB2 Man page
pbeta2 Man page
pbeta_nbinom Man page
pGB2 Man page
PGB2Dist Man page
PGIBDist Man page
plot.brr Man page
Posterior_lambda Man page
Posterior_mu Man page
Posterior_phi Man page
Post_x Man page
Post_y Man page
pPGB2 Man page
pPGIB Man page
ppost Man page
ppost_phi Man page
ppost_VE Man page
ppost_x Man page
ppost_y Man page
pprior Man page
pprior_lambda Man page
pprior_mu Man page
pprior_phi Man page
pprior_VE Man page
pprior_x Man page
pprior_x_given_y Man page
pprior_y Man page
predict.brr Man page
print.coef.brr Man page
print.confint.brr Man page
print.predict.brr Man page
print.summary.brr Man page
PriorAndPosterior Man page
Prior_lambda Man page
Prior_mu Man page
Prior_phi Man page
Prior_x Man page
Prior_x_given_y Man page
Prior_y Man page
qbeta2 Man page
qbeta_nbinom Man page
qGB2 Man page
qPGB2 Man page
qPGIB Man page
qpost Man page
qpost_phi Man page
qpost_VE Man page
qpost_x Man page
qpost_y Man page
qprior Man page
qprior_mu Man page
qprior_phi Man page
qprior_VE Man page
qprior_x Man page
qprior_x_given_y Man page
qprior_y Man page
rbeta2 Man page
rbeta_nbinom Man page
rGB2 Man page
rGIB Man page
rPGB2 Man page
rPGIB Man page
rpost Man page
rpost_lambda Man page
rpost_mu Man page
rpost_phi Man page
rpost_x Man page
rpost_y Man page
rprior Man page
rprior_lambda Man page
rprior_mu Man page
rprior_phi Man page
rprior_x Man page
rprior_x_given_y Man page
rprior_y Man page
rr_interval_binomial Man page
rr_intervals Man page
rr_interval_SK Man page
sbeta_nbinom Man page
spost Man page
spost_lambda Man page
spost_mu Man page
spost_phi Man page
spost_x Man page
spost_y Man page
sprior Man page
sprior_lambda Man page
sprior_mu Man page
sprior_phi Man page
sprior_x Man page
sprior_x_given_y Man page
sprior_y Man page
summary_beta2 Man page
summary_beta_nbinom Man page
summary.brr Man page
summary_gamma Man page
summary_GB2 Man page
summary_GIB Man page
summary_nbinom Man page
summary_PGB2 Man page
summary_PGIB Man page


brr/R/predictive_prior.R brr/R/brr.R brr/R/intrinsic2.R brr/R/priors.R brr/R/frequentist.R brr/R/intrinsic.R brr/R/distributions.R brr/R/inference.R brr/R/misc.R brr/R/posteriors.R brr/R/predictive_posterior.R
brr/man/Inference.Rd brr/man/intrinsic_discrepancy.Rd brr/man/Posterior_lambda.Rd brr/man/summary_nbinom.Rd brr/man/PGB2Dist.Rd brr/man/Beta2Dist.Rd brr/man/Prior_y.Rd brr/man/Brr.Rd brr/man/BNBDist.Rd brr/man/Post_x.Rd brr/man/frequentist.Rd brr/man/intrinsic2_discrepancy.Rd brr/man/GIBDist.Rd brr/man/brr-package.Rd brr/man/Post_y.Rd brr/man/PGIBDist.Rd brr/man/Prior_x_given_y.Rd brr/man/Posterior_mu.Rd brr/man/Prior_x.Rd brr/man/Prior_lambda.Rd brr/man/inference_brr.Rd brr/man/summary_gamma.Rd brr/man/GB2Dist.Rd brr/man/Prior_phi.Rd brr/man/Intrinsic2Inference.Rd brr/man/IntrinsicInference.Rd brr/man/Posterior_phi.Rd brr/man/PriorAndPosterior.Rd brr/man/Prior_mu.Rd brr/man/plot.brr.Rd

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