Man pages for bsamGP
Bayesian Spectral Analysis Models using Gaussian Process Priors

blqBayesian Quantile Regression
blrBayesian Linear Regression
bsadBayesian Semiparametric Density Estimation
bsaqBayesian Shape-Restricted Spectral Analysis Quantile...
bsaqdpmBayesian Shape-Restricted Spectral Analysis Quantile...
bsarBayesian Shape-Restricted Spectral Analysis Regression
bsarBigBayesian Spectral Analysis Regression for Big data
bsardpmBayesian Shape-Restricted Spectral Analysis Regression with...
cadmiumCadmium dose-response meta data
Elec.DemandElectricity demand data
fitted.blmCompute fitted values for a blm object
fitted.bsadCompute fitted values for a bsad object
fitted.bsamCompute fitted values for a bsam object
fitted.bsamdpmCompute fitted values for a bsamdpm object
fsSpecify a Fourier Basis Fit in a BSAM Formula
gblrGeneralized Bayesian Linear Models
gbsarBayesian Shape-Restricted Spectral Analysis for Generalized...
intgratNumerical integration using a simple Trapezoidal rule
intsimNumerical integration using Simpson's rule
London.MortalityDaily Moratlity in London
plasmaA Data Set for Plasma Levels of Retinol and Beta-Carotene
plot.blmPlot a blm object
plot.bsadPlot a bsad object
plot.bsamPlot a bsam object
plot.bsamdpmPlot a bsamdpm object
plot.fitted.bsadPlot a fitted.bsad object
plot.fitted.bsamPlot a fitted.bsam object
plot.fitted.bsamdpmPlot a fitted.bsamdpm object
predict.blmPredict method for a blm object
predict.bsamPredict method for a bsam object
predict.bsamdpmPredict method for a bsamdpm object
raldThe asymmetric Laplace distribution
trafficMonthly traffic accidents data
wage.unionWage-Union data
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