Man pages for bslib
Custom 'Bootstrap' 'Sass' Themes for 'shiny' and 'rmarkdown'

accordionCreate a vertically collapsing accordion
accordion_panel_setDynamically update accordions
as_fill_carrierTest and/or coerce fill behavior
as.tags.bslib_sidebarRender a sidebar as HTML tags
bind_task_buttonBind 'input_task_button' to 'ExtendedTask'
bootswatch_themesObtain a list of all available bootswatch themes.
breakpointsDefine breakpoint values
bs_bundleAdd low-level theming customizations
bs_current_themeObtain the currently active theme at render time
bs_dependencyThemeable HTML components
bs_get_variablesRetrieve Sass variable values from the current theme
bs_global_themeGlobal theming
bslib-packagebslib: Custom 'Bootstrap' 'Sass' Themes for 'shiny' and...
bs_removeRemove or retrieve Sass code from a theme
bs_themeCreate a Bootstrap theme
bs_theme_dependenciesCompile Bootstrap Sass with (optional) theming
bs_theme_previewPreview a Bootstrap theme
builtin_themesObtain a list of all available built-in 'bslib' themes.
cardA Bootstrap card component
card_bodyCard items
deprecatedDeprecated functions
font_faceHelpers for importing web fonts
html-browsePrint a bslib page/fragment
input_dark_modeDark mode input control
input_switchSwitch input control
input_task_buttonButton for launching longer-running operations
layout_columnsResponsive 12-column grid layouts
layout_column_wrapColumn-first uniform grid layouts
nav-itemsNavigation items
nav_prependAppend or prepend nav item to a dropdown menu
nav_selectDynamically update nav containers
navsetNavigation containers
pageModern Bootstrap page layouts
page_fillableA screen-filling page layout
page_navbarMulti-page app with a top navigation bar
page_sidebarA sidebar page (i.e., dashboard)
popoverAdd a popover to a UI element
precompiled_css_pathGet the path to a precompiled CSS file
run_with_themerTheme customization UI
save-htmlSave a bslib page/fragment as HTML
sidebarSidebar layouts
theme_bootswatchObtain a theme's Bootswatch theme name
theme_versionObtain a theme's Bootstrap version
tooltipAdd a tooltip to a UI element
value_boxValue box
versionsAvailable Bootstrap versions
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