Man pages for bsts
Bayesian Structural Time Series

add.arAR(p) state component
add.dynamic.regressionDynamic Regression State Component
add.local.levelLocal level trend state component
add.local.linear.trendLocal linear trend state component
add.monthly.annual.cycleMonthly Annual Cycle State Component
add.random.walk.holidayRandom Walk Holiday State Model
add.seasonalSeasonal State Component
add.semilocal.linear.trendSemilocal Linear Trend
add.shared.local.levelLocal level trend state component
add.static.interceptStatic Intercept State Component
add.student.local.linear.trendRobust local linear trend
add.trigTrigonometric Seasonal State Component
aggregate.time.seriesAggregate a fine time series to a coarse summary a weekly time series to monthly
auto.arSparse AR(p)
bstsBayesian Structural Time Series
bsts.optionsBsts Model Options
compare.bsts.modelsCompare bsts models
date.rangeDate Range
descriptive-plotsDescriptive Plots
diagnostic-plotsDiagnostic Plots
dirmDynamic intercept regression model
dirm-model-optionsSpecify Options for a Dynamic Intercept Regression Model
estimate.time.scaleIntervals between dates
extend.timeExtends a vector of dates to a given length
format.timestampsChecking for Regularity
gdpGross Domestic Product for 57 Countries
geometric.sequenceCreate a Geometric Sequence
get.fractionCompute membership fractions
googGoogle stock price
holidaySpecifying Holidays
iclaimsInitial Claims Data the last day in a month
MATCH.NumericTimestampsMatch Numeric Timestamps the month containing a week
max.window.widthMaximum Window Width for a Holiday
mbstsMultivariate Bayesian Structural Time Series
mixed.frequencyModels for mixed frequency time series
month.distanceElapsed time in months
named.holidaysHolidays Recognized by Name
new.home.salesNew home sales and Google trends
one.step.prediction.errorsPrediction Errors
plot.bstsPlotting functions for Bayesian structural time series
plot.bsts.mixedPlotting functions for mixed frequency Bayesian structural...
plot.bsts.predictionPlot predictions from Bayesian structural time series
plot.bsts.predictorsPlot the most likely predictors
plot.holidayPlot Holiday Effects
plot.mbstsPlotting Functions for Multivariate Bayesian Structural Time...
plot.mbsts.predictionPlot Multivariate Bsts Predictions
predict.bstsPrediction for Bayesian Structural Time Series
predict.mbstsPrediction for Multivariate Bayesian Structural Time Series
quarterFind the quarter in which a date occurs
regression.holidayRegression Based Holiday Models
regularize.timestampsProduce a Regular Series of Time Stamps
residuals.bstsResiduals from a bsts Object
rsxfsRetail sales, excluding food services
sharkShark Attacks in Florida.
shortenShorten long names
simulate.fake.mixed.frequency.dataSimulate fake mixed frequency data and Slab Priors for AR Processes
state.sizesCompute state dimensions
StateSpecificationAdd a state component to a Bayesian structural time series...
SuggestBurnSuggested burn-in size
summary.bstsSummarize a Bayesian structural time series object
to.posixtConvert to POSIXt
turkishTurkish Electricity Usage
weekday.namesDays of the Week
week.endsCheck to see if a week contains the end of a month or quarter Between Wide and Long Format
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