rchop: Survival of R-CHOP for diffuse large B cell lymphoma

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Microarray data for DLBCL patients undergoing R-CHOP treatment.




The format is: num [1:233, 1:3835]


Microarray data of DLBCL of 233 patients treated with the current gold standard R-CHOP includeing rituxima immunotherapy in addition to the chematherapy CHOP. The original data have 54675 probe sets or covariates. Due to the nature of high-dimensional data, a preselection procedure was conducted to filter out the genes to match those in chop. The first column if the survival times. The second column is an indicator whether an the survival time was observed or right censoring occurred. 0=alive, 1=dead. There are 3833 same genes as in chop. The data set is used to validate the prediction accuracy for models developed using training data chop.


Lenz, et al. (2008). Stromal gene signatures in large-B-cell lymphomas. New England Journal of Medicine, 359(22), 2313–2323



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