Man pages for bupaR
Business Process Analysis in R

act_collapseCollapse activity labels of a sub process into a single...
activities_to_eventlogCreate event log from list of activity instances
activity_idActivity classifier
activity_instance_idActivity instance classifier
activity_labelsGet vector of activity labels
activitylogCreate activity log
act_recodeRecode activity labels
act_uniteUnite activity labels
add_end_activityAdd Artificial Start/End Activities
arrangeArrange log
assign_instance_idAssign activity instance identifier to events
bupaRbupaR - Business Process Analysis in R
case_idCase classifier
case_labelsCase labels
case_listCase list
convert_timestampsConvert timestamp format
countCount log
detect_resource_inconsistenciesDetect resource inconsistencies
events_to_activitylogEvents to activities
fillFill event log
filterFilter event log
filter_attributesGeneric filter function for eventlog
fix_resource_inconsistenciesFix resource inconsistencies
group_byGroup event log
group_by_activityGroup event log on activity id
group_by_activity_instanceGroup event log on activity instance id
group_by_caseGroup event log on case id
group_by_idsGroup log on identifiers
group_by_resourceGroup event log on resource id
group_by_resource_activityGroup event log on resource and activity id
grouped_activitylogGrouped activitylog object
grouped_eventlogGrouped eventlog object
grouped_logGrouped log object
isTest if the Object is a Log
lifecycle_idLife cycle classifier
lifecycle_labelsGet vector of lifecycle labels.
lifecyclesLife cycles
logLog object
mutateMutate event log
print.eventlog_mappingGeneric print function for mapping.
print.logGeneric print function for eventlog
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
re_mapRe map
resource_idResource classifier
resource_labelsGet vector of resource labels
sample_nSample function for eventlog
scale_fill_discrete_bupaRbupaR color scales
selectSelect event log
select_idsSelect identifiers from log
set_activity_idSet activity id of log
set_activity_instance_idSet activity instance id of log
set_case_idSet case id of log
set_lifecycle_idSet lifecycle id of log
set_resource_idSet resource id of log
set_timestampSet timestamp of eventlog
simple_eventlogSimple Eventlog
sliceSlice function for event log
slice_activitiesSlice Activities
slice_eventsSlice Events
slice_sampleSample function for logs
standardize_lifecycleStandardize format of lifecycle types
summarizeSummarize event log
summaryGeneric summary function for eventlog class
timestampTimestamp classifier
timestampsTimestamp classifiers
to_activitylogConvert eventlog object to activitylog object.
to_eventlogConvert activitylog to eventlog
trace_listTrace list
ungroupUngroup log
ungroup_eventlogUngroup event log
uniteUnite multiple columns into one.
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