burnr: Advanced Fire History Analysis in R

Basic tools to analyze forest fire history data (e.g. FHX2) in R.

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AuthorSteven Malevich [aut, cre], Christopher Guiterman [ctb], Ellis Margolis [ctb]
Date of publication2017-02-08 06:17:49
MaintainerSteven Malevich <malevich@email.arizona.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

check_duplicates: Check for duplicate observations in an fhx object.

composite: Composite fire events in fhx object returning composited...

count_fire: Number of fire events in an fhx series.

count_injury: Number of injury events in an fhx series.

count_recording: Number of recording years in an fhx series.

count_year_span: Number of years of an fhx series.

delete: Remove series or years from an fhx object.

fhx: Constructor for S3 fhx class.

find_recording: Subset 'rings' data.frame to years that are considered...

first_year: First (earliest) year of an fhx series.

get_event_years: Get years with events for an fhx object.

get_ggplot: Create a ggplot2 object for plotting.

get_series: Extract fhx observations for given series.

get_year: Extract fhx observations for given years.

inner_type: Type of observation in the first (earliest) year of an fhx...

is.fhx: Check if object is fhx.

last_year: Last (most recent) year of an fhx series.

lgr2: Los Griegos Peak plot2 fire-history data

lgr2_meta: Metadata for the Los Griegos Peak fire-history dataset

mean_interval: Calculate mean fire interval of an fhx series.

outer_type: Type of observation in the last (most recent) year of an fhx...

pgm: Peggy Mesa fire-history data

pgm_meta: Metadata for the Peggy Mesa fire-history dataset

plot_demograph: Create an ggplot2 object for plotting fhx demographics.

plot.fhx: Plot an fhx object.

plus-.fhx: Concatenate or combine two fhx objects.

read_fhx: Read FHX2 file and return an 'fhx' object.

run_sea: Perform superposed epoch analysis.

sample_depth: Calculate the sample depth of an fhx object

series_names: Get 'fhx' series names.

series_stats: Generate series-level descriptive statistics.

sort.fhx: Sort the series names of fhx object by the earliest or latest...

write_fhx: Write an fhx object to a new FHX2 file.

yearly_recording: Count the number of recording series for each year in an fhx...


check_duplicates Man page
composite Man page
count_fire Man page
count_injury Man page
count_recording Man page
count_year_span Man page
delete Man page
fhx Man page
+.fhx Man page
find_recording Man page
first_year Man page
get_event_years Man page
get_ggplot Man page
get_series Man page
get_year Man page
inner_type Man page
is.fhx Man page
last_year Man page
lgr2 Man page
lgr2_meta Man page
mean_interval Man page
outer_type Man page
pgm Man page
pgm_meta Man page
plot_demograph Man page
plot.fhx Man page
read_fhx Man page
run_sea Man page
sample_depth Man page
series_names Man page
series_stats Man page
sort.fhx Man page
write_fhx Man page
yearly_recording Man page

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