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Forest Fire History Analysis

as_fhxCast data frame or list-like to 'fhx' object
as.fhxAlias to 'as_fhx()'
compositeComposite fire events in fhx object
count_event_positionCount different events in an 'fhx' object
count_injuryNumber of injury events in an 'fhx' object
count_recordingNumber of recording years in an 'fhx' object
count_scarNumber of scar events in an 'fhx' object
count_year_spanNumber of years of an 'fhx' object
deleteRemove series or years from an 'fhx' object
fhxConstructor for 'fhx' objects
first_yearFirst (earliest) year of an 'fhx' object
get_event_yearsGet years with events for an 'fhx' object
get_seriesExtract 'fhx' observations for given series
get_yearExtract 'fhx' observations for given years
inner_typeType of observation in the first (earliest) year of an 'fhx'...
intervalsCalculate fire intervals from a 'composite'
is_fhxCheck if object is 'fhx'.
is.fhxAlias to 'is_fhx()'
is_intervalsCheck if object is fire 'intervals'
is.intervalsAlias to 'is_intervals()'
is_seaCheck if object is 'sea'
is.seaAlias to 'is_sea()'
last_yearLast (most recent) year of an 'fhx' object
lgr2Los Griegos Peak plot2 fire-history data
lgr2_metaMetadata for the Los Griegos Peak fire-history dataset
make_rec_typeTurn character vector into factor with proper 'fhx' levels
max.intervalsMaximum interval in fire 'intervals'
mean.intervalsFire 'intervals' arithmetic mean
median.intervalsFire 'intervals' median
min.intervalsMinimum interval in fire 'intervals'
outer_typeType of observation in the last (most recent) year of an...
percent_scarredPercent scarred time series for 'fhx' object
pgmPeggy Mesa fire-history data
pgm_metaMetadata for the Peggy Mesa fire-history dataset
pgm_pdsiReconstructed PDSI time series for the Peggy Mesa...
plot_demographCreate an ggplot2 object for plotting fhx demographics
plot.fhxPlot an 'fhx' object
plot.intervalsPlot a fire 'intervals' object
plot_intervals_distBasic fire 'intervals' distribution plot
plot.seaPlot a 'sea' object
plot_sealagsBasic SEA lag plot of 'sea' object
plus-.fhxConcatenate or combine two fhx objects
pmePajarito Mountain East fire-history data
pmrPajarito Mountain Ridge fire-history data
pmwPajarito Mountain West fire-history data
print.intervalsPrint a fire 'intervals' object
print.seaPrint a 'sea' object.
quantile.intervalsFit distribution quantiles to fire 'intervals'
read_fhxRead FHX2 file and return an 'fhx" object
sample_depthCalculate the sample depth of an 'fhx' object
seaPerform superposed epoch analysis
series_mean_intervalCalculate quick mean fire interval of an 'fhx' object with...
series_namesGet 'fhx' series names
series_statsGenerate series-level descriptive statistics for 'fhx' object
sort.fhxSort the series names of 'fhx' object by the earliest or...
summary.fhxSummary of 'fhx' object
write_fhxWrite an 'fhx' object to a new FHX2 file
yearly_recordingCount the number of recording series for each year in an...
year_rangeRange of years in an 'fhx' object
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