Man pages for c060
Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models

aggregation.aucDetermine the area under the ROC curve for a fitted model
balancedFoldsFunction producing stratified/ balanced folds for cross...
coef.intsearchGet coefficients for a model
complexity.glmnetInterface for determination of penalty lambda in penalized...
EPSGOEfficient Parameter Selection via Global Optimization
fit.glmnetInterface function for fitting a penalized regression model...
PLL.coxnetPredictive partial log-likelihood for glmnet Cox PH model fit
Plot.coef.glmnetfunction to highlight the path of a pre-specified set of...
Plot.peperr.curvesPlot method for prediction error curves of a peperr object
plot.stabpathfunction to plot a stability path
plot.summary.intPlot Summary object for interval search models
predictProb.coxnetExtract predicted survival probabilities from a glmnet fit
predictProb.glmnetExtract predicted survival probabilities from a glmnet fit
stabpathStability path for glmnet models
stabselfunction to estimate a stable set of variables
summary.intsearchSummary method for interval search models
tune.glmnet.intervalWrapper function for 'glmnet' objects.
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