cSFM: Covariate-adjusted Skewed Functional Model (cSFM)

cSFM is a method to model skewed functional data when considering covariates via a copula-based approach.

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AuthorMeng Li, Ana-Maria Staicu, and Howard D. Bondell
Date of publication2014-01-23 16:49:05
MaintainerMeng Li <mli9@ncsu.edu>

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beta2cp Man page
case2.b.initial Man page
case2.gr Man page
case2.unmll.optim Man page
cp2beta Man page
cSFM Man page
cSFM.est Man page
cSFM.est.parallel Man page
cSFM-package Man page
data.generator.y.F Man page
data.simulation Man page
DFT.basis Man page
D.gamma Man page
D.lg Man page
D.SN Man page
DST Man page
DSV Man page
fitted.cSFM Man page
g Man page
kpbb Man page
legendre.polynomials Man page
predict.cSFM Man page
predict.kpbb Man page
print.cSFM Man page
shape.dp Man page
skewness.cp Man page
uni.fpca Man page

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