Man pages for cabootcrs
Bootstrap Confidence Regions for Simple and Multiple Correspondence Analysis

allvarscovsExtract all variances and covariances in readable form as a...
AsbestosDataAsbestos data
AttachmentDatavan Ijzendoorn's attachment data
cabasicresults-classA class containing the basic results from CA
cabootcrsCalculate category point variances using bootstrapping
cabootcrs-packageBootstrap Confidence Regions for Simple and Multiple...
cabootcrsresults-classA class containing the results from CA with bootstrapping
convertConverting a data matrix from one format into another
covmatExtract a single 2 by 2 covariance matrix
DreamDataMaxwell's dream data set
DreamData223by3Maxwell's dream data set with added totally random column
getBurtConverting a data matrix into a Burt matrix
getCTConverting a data matrix into a contingency table
getdoubledConverting a data matrix into a doubled matrix
getindicatorConverting a data matrix into an indicator matrix
myresamplefnExample of a user-generated resampling routine.
NishDataNishisato's Singapore data
plotcaPlotting results with confidence regions
printcaPrints reasonably full results, including variances
rearrangeRearranges bootstrap axes by comparing to sample axes
rearrange_oldOld and rubbish algorithm to rearrange bootstrap axes by...
reflectaxesReflect coordinates for chosen axes
scaPerforms standard Correspondence Analysis calculations
settingsinertiasInternal function to be used by printca and summaryca
SuicideDataSuicide data
summarycaPrints brief 2-d results, with standard deviations
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