Man pages for camtrapR
Camera Trap Data Management and Preparation of Occupancy and Spatial Capture-Recapture Analyses

activityDensityPlot kernel density estimation of single-species activity
activityHistogramPlot histogram of single-species activity
activityOverlapPlot overlapping kernel densities of two-species activities
activityRadialRadial plots of single-species activity
addCopyrightTagWrite a copyright tag into JPEG image metadata
appendSpeciesNamesAdd or remove species names from JPEG image filenames
cameraOperationCreate a camera trap station operability matrix
camtrapR-packageOverview of the functions in the camtrapR package
camtrapsSample camera trap station information
checkSpeciesIdentificationConsistency check on species image identification
checkSpeciesNamesCheck species names against the ITIS taxonomic database
createSpeciesFoldersCreate species directories for species identification
createStationFoldersCreate camera trap station directories for raw camera trap...
detectionHistorySpecies detection histories for occupancy analyses
detectionMapsGenerate maps of observed species richness and species...
exifTagNamesShow Exif metadata tags and tag names from JPEG images
exiftoolPathAdd a directory to PATH temporarily
fixDateTimeOriginalFix DateTimeOriginal Exif metadata tag in Reconyx Hyperfire...
getSpeciesImagesCollect all images of a species
imageRenameCopy and rename images based on camera trap station ID and...
recordTableGenerate a species record table from camera trap images
recordTableIndividualGenerate a single-species record table with individual...
recordTableIndividualSampleSample single-species record table with custom metadata from...
recordTableSampleSample species record table from camera trap images
spatialDetectionHistoryGenerate a 'capthist' object for spatial capture-recapture...
surveyReportCreate a report about a camera trapping survey and species...
timeShiftImagesApply time shifts to JPEG image metadata
timeShiftTableSample camera trap time shift table
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