Man pages for capwire
Estimates population size from non-invasive sampling

bootstrapCapwireParametric Bootstrap ECM and TIRM Models
buildClassTableConvert capture counts to data frame with capture classes
buildIndTableConvert capture counts to data frame with individuals
capwire-packageEstimate Population Size from Non-Invasive Sampling
classToIndConvert a table of capture class data into a table of...
drawCapRatesBetaDraw Capture Rates from Beta Distribution
drawCapRatesExpDraw Capture Rates from Exponential Distribution
drawCapRatesGammaDraw Capture Rates from Gamma Distribution
drawCapRatesGeomDraw Capture Rates from Geometric Distribution
drawCapRatesUnifDraw Capture Rates from Uniform Distribution
fitEcmFit Equal Capture Model (ECM)
fitTirmFit Two Innate Rates Model (TIRM)
fitTirmPartitionFit the Two Innate Rates Model After Partiioning Data
indToClassConvert a table of individuals into a table of class data
lrtCapwireLikelihood Ratio Test Comparing TIRM to ECM
partitionCountDataPartition the Count Data
simCaptureSimulate data under various distributions of capture rates
simEcmSimulate Data Under Equal Capture Model
simTirmSimulate Data Under Two-Innate Rates Model
wombatWombat Capture Count Data
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