cartography: Thematic Cartography

Create and integrate maps in your R workflow. This package allows various cartographic representations such as proportional symbols, chroropleth, typology, flows or discontinuities. In addition, it also proposes some useful features like cartographic palettes, layout (scale, north arrow, title...), labels, legends or access to cartographic API to ease the graphic presentation of maps.

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AuthorTimothée Giraud [cre, aut], Nicolas Lambert [aut]
Date of publication2017-03-29 11:16:20 UTC
MaintainerTimothée Giraud <>

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Man pages

barscale: Scale Bar

cartography: Cartography Package

cartography.colors: Color Palettes

carto.pal: Build Cartographic Palettes Display the Names of all Cartographic Palettes

choroLayer: Choropleth Layer

coasts.spdf: Coastline of Europe

countries.spdf: Countries in the European Area

discLayer: Discontinuities Layer

display.carto.all: Display all Cartographic Palettes

display.carto.pal: Display one Cartographic Palette

dotDensityLayer: Dot Density layer

frame.spdf: Frame around Europe

getBorders: Extract SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Borders

getBreaks: Discretization

getFigDim: Get Figure Dimensions

getGridData: Compute Data for a Grid Layer

getGridLayer: Build a Regular Grid Layer

getLinkLayer: Create a SpatialLinesDataFrame from a Data Frame of Links.

getOuterBorders: Extract SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Outer Borders

getTiles: Get Tiles from Open Map Servers

gradLinkLayer: Graduated Links Layer

gradLinkTypoLayer: Graduated and Colored Links Layer

graticule.spdf: Graticule around Europe

labelLayer: Label Layer

layoutLayer: Layout Layer

legendBarsSymbols: Legend for Proportional Bars Maps

legendChoro: Legend for Choropleth Maps

legendCirclesSymbols: Legend for Proportional Circles Maps

legendGradLines: Legend for Graduated Size Lines Maps

legendPropLines: Legend for Proportional Lines Maps

legendPropTriangles: Legend for Double Proportional Triangles Maps

legendSquaresSymbols: Legend for Proportional Squares Maps

legendTypo: Legend for Typology Maps

north: North Arrow

nuts0.df: Nuts0 Dataset

nuts0.spdf: Nuts0 Regions

nuts1.df: Nuts1 Dataset

nuts1.spdf: Nuts1 Regions

nuts2.df: Nuts2 Dataset

nuts2.spdf: Nuts2 Regions

nuts3.df: Nuts3 Dataset

nuts3.spdf: Nuts3 Regions

propLinkLayer: Proportional Links Layer

propSymbolsChoroLayer: Proportional and Choropleth Symbols Layer

propSymbolsLayer: Proportional Symbols Layer

propSymbolsTypoLayer: Proportional Symbols Typo Layer

propTrianglesLayer: Double Proportional Triangle Layer

smoothLayer: Smooth Layer

tilesLayer: Plot Tiles from Open Map Servers

twincities.df: Twin Cities Dataset

typoLayer: Typology Layer

world.spdf: World Background


barscale Man page
cartography Man page
cartography.colors Man page
cartography-package Man page
carto.pal Man page Man page
choroLayer Man page
coasts.spdf Man page
countries.spdf Man page
discLayer Man page
display.carto.all Man page
display.carto.pal Man page
dotDensityLayer Man page
frame.spdf Man page
getBorders Man page
getBreaks Man page
getFigDim Man page
getGridData Man page
getGridLayer Man page
getLinkLayer Man page
getOuterBorders Man page
getTiles Man page
gradLinkLayer Man page
gradLinkTypoLayer Man page
graticule.spdf Man page
labelLayer Man page
layoutLayer Man page
legendBarsSymbols Man page
legendChoro Man page
legendCirclesSymbols Man page
legendGradLines Man page
legendPropLines Man page
legendPropTriangles Man page
legendSquaresSymbols Man page
legendTypo Man page
north Man page
nuts0.df Man page
nuts0.spdf Man page
nuts1.df Man page
nuts1.spdf Man page
nuts2.df Man page
nuts2.spdf Man page
nuts3.df Man page
nuts3.spdf Man page
propLinkLayer Man page
propSymbolsChoroLayer Man page
propSymbolsLayer Man page
propSymbolsTypoLayer Man page
propTrianglesLayer Man page
smoothLayer Man page
tilesLayer Man page
twincities.df Man page
typoLayer Man page
world.spdf Man page


R/propTrianglesLayer.R R/Package.R R/propLinkLayer.R R/getLinkLayer.R R/getOuterBorders.R R/dotDensityLayer.R R/getBreaks.R R/north.R R/typoLayer.R R/propSymbolsTypoLayer2.R R/gradLinkTypoLayer.R R/data.R R/circles.R R/layoutLayer.R R/typo.R R/smoothLayer.R R/getBorders.R R/choro.R R/getGridLayer.R R/propSymbolsChoroLayer.R R/gradLinkLayer.R R/propSymbolsChoroLayer2.R R/getTiles.R R/barscale.R R/getFigDim.R R/choroLayer.R R/tilesLayer.R R/propSymbolsLayer.R R/labelLayer.R R/propSymbolsLayer2.R R/propSymbolsTypoLayer.R R/palettes.R R/discLayer.R R/legends.R R/getGridData.R
man/dotDensityLayer.Rd man/north.Rd man/nuts1.spdf.Rd man/propLinkLayer.Rd man/typoLayer.Rd man/nuts2.spdf.Rd man/nuts3.df.Rd man/twincities.df.Rd man/cartography.Rd man/nuts3.spdf.Rd man/coasts.spdf.Rd man/legendPropTriangles.Rd man/getBorders.Rd man/legendSquaresSymbols.Rd man/legendChoro.Rd man/propSymbolsLayer.Rd man/getOuterBorders.Rd man/propSymbolsChoroLayer.Rd man/nuts0.spdf.Rd man/getGridData.Rd man/getFigDim.Rd man/legendTypo.Rd man/cartography.colors.Rd man/choroLayer.Rd man/nuts1.df.Rd man/legendGradLines.Rd man/smoothLayer.Rd man/gradLinkLayer.Rd man/discLayer.Rd man/gradLinkTypoLayer.Rd man/legendBarsSymbols.Rd man/display.carto.pal.Rd man/graticule.spdf.Rd man/nuts2.df.Rd man/display.carto.all.Rd man/barscale.Rd man/legendCirclesSymbols.Rd man/nuts0.df.Rd man/legendPropLines.Rd man/propTrianglesLayer.Rd man/getGridLayer.Rd man/getBreaks.Rd man/ man/getTiles.Rd man/frame.spdf.Rd man/layoutLayer.Rd man/labelLayer.Rd man/getLinkLayer.Rd man/propSymbolsTypoLayer.Rd man/carto.pal.Rd man/tilesLayer.Rd man/world.spdf.Rd man/countries.spdf.Rd

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