Man pages for cartography
Thematic Cartography

barscaleScale Bar
cartographyCartography Package
carto.palBuild Cartographic Palettes
choroLayerChoropleth Layer
coasts.spdfCoastline of Europe
countries.spdfCountries in the European Area
discLayerDiscontinuities Layer
dotDensityLayerDot Density Layer
frame.spdfFrame around Europe
getBordersExtract Polygons Borders
getFigDimGet Figure Dimensions
getGridLayerBuild a Regular Grid Layer
getLinkLayerCreate a Links Layer from a Data Frame of Links.
getPencilLayerPencil Layer
getPngLayer'.png' Layer
getTilesDefunct Get Tiles from Open Map Servers
ghostLayerPlot a Ghost Layer
gradLinkLayerGraduated Links Layer
gradLinkTypoLayerGraduated and Colored Links Layer
graticule.spdfGraticule around Europe
hatchedLayerHatched Layer
labelLayerLabel Layer
layoutLayerLayout Layer
legendBarsSymbolsLegend for Proportional Bars Maps
legendChoroLegend for Choropleth Maps
legendCirclesSymbolsLegend for Proportional Circles Maps
legendGradLinesLegend for Graduated Size Lines Maps
legendHatchedLegend for Hatched Maps
legendPropLinesLegend for Proportional Lines Maps
legendPropTrianglesLegend for Double Proportional Triangles Maps
legendSquaresSymbolsLegend for Proportional Squares Maps
legendTypoLegend for Typology Maps
legendWaffleLegend for Typology Maps
northNorth Arrow
nuts0.dfNuts0 Dataset
nuts0.spdfNuts0 Regions
nuts1.dfNuts1 Dataset
nuts1.spdfNuts1 Regions
nuts2.dfNuts2 Dataset
nuts2.spdfNuts2 Regions
nuts3.dfNuts3 Dataset
nuts3.spdfNuts3 Regions
propLinkLayerProportional Links Layer
propSymbolsChoroLayerProportional and Choropleth Symbols Layer
propSymbolsLayerProportional Symbols Layer
propSymbolsTypoLayerProportional Symbols Typo Layer
propTrianglesLayerDouble Proportional Triangle Layer
smoothLayerSmooth Layer
tilesLayerPlot a Raster Object
twincities.dfTwin Cities Dataset
typoLayerTypology Layer
waffleLayerWaffle Layer
wordcloudLayerWordcloud Layer
world.spdfWorld Background
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