Gender study dataset

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This genetics dataset is used to demonstrate the usage of cate in the vignette. It was originally extracted by Gagnon-Bartsch and Speed (2012) as an example of confounded multiple testing. The data included in this package contains only 500 genes that are sampled from the original 12600 genes, besides keeping all the spike-in controls.

References Vawter, M. P., S. Evans, P. Choudary, H. Tomita, J. Meador-Woodruff, M. Molnar, J. Li, J. F. Lopez, R. Myers, D. Cox, et al. (2004). Gender-specific gene expression in post-mortem human brain: localization to sex chromosomes. Neuropsychopharmacology 29(2), 373-384. Gagnon-Bartsch, J. A. and T. P. Speed (2012). Using control genes to correct for unwanted variation in microarray data. Biostatistics 13(3), 539-552.

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