Man pages for celestial
Collection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions

car2sphTransforms 3D cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates
celestial-packageCollection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and...
coordmatchSky matching
cosdistCosmological distance calculations
cosgrowCosmological growth and evolution calculations
coshaloVirial halo conversion functions
cosmapCosmological Mapping Functions
cosNFWNavarro Frenk and White profile
cosorbOrbital functions
cosrefCosmology parameter data included in celestial package.
cosvarDriver & Robotham (2010) cosmic variance calculator
cosvolCosmological volume calculator
deg2dmsConvert decimal degrees to dms format.
deg2hmsConvert decimal degrees to hms format.
dms2degConvert DMS to degrees format.
getpixscaleGet Pixel Scale
hms2degConvert hms to degrees format.
IAUIDIAU name creator.
planckPlanck's Law and Related Functions
skyareaExact angular area calculator
skyprojTan Gnomonic and Sine Orthographic Projection System WCS...
sph2carTransforms 3D spherical coordinates to cartesian coordinates
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