logLik.chandwich: Extract log-likelihood for objects of class "chandwich"

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logLik.chandwichR Documentation

Extract log-likelihood for objects of class "chandwich"


logLik method for class "chandwich".


## S3 method for class 'chandwich'
logLik(object, ...)



an object of class "chandwich", a result of a call to adjust_loglik.


Additional optional arguments. At present no optional arguments are used.


The value of the maximised (independence) loglikelihood is extracted from attr(object, "max_loglik"). It is also equal to object(attr(object, "MLE")).


An object of class "logLik": a numeric scalar with value equal to the maximised (independence) loglikelihood, that is, the value of the independence loglikelihood at the MLE, and the attribute "df", which gives the number of free parameters estimated.

See Also

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adjust_loglik to adjust a user-supplied loglikelihood.

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