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Empirical daily temperature curve


This function derives an empirical daily temperature curve from observed hourly temperature data. The mean temperature during each hour of the day is expressed as a function of the daily minimum and maximum temperature. This is done separately for each month of the year. The output is a data.frame that can then be used with the Empirical_hourly_temperatures function to generate hourly temperatures from data on daily minimum (Tmin) and maximum (Tmax) temperatures.





data.frame containing hourly temperatures. Must contain columns Year (year of observation), Month (month of observation), Day (day of observation), Hour (hour of observation) and Temp (Observed temperature). If multiple observations within an hour are available, these are averaged.


data.frame containing three columns: Month (month for which coefficient applies), Hour (hour for which coefficient applies) and Prediction_coefficient (the coefficient used for empirical temperature prediction). Coefficients indicate, by what fraction of the daily temperature range the temperature during the specified hour is above the daily minimum temperature.


Eike Luedeling



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