Man pages for chinese.misc
Miscellaneous Tools for Chinese Text Mining and More

as.character2An Enhanced Version of as.character
as.numeric2An Enhanced Version of as.numeric
chinese.misc-packageMiscellaneous Tools for Chinese Text Mining and More
corp_or_dtmCreate Corpus or Document Term Matrix with 1 Line
create_ttmCreate Term-Term Matrix (Term-Cooccurrence Matrix)
csv2txtWrite Texts in CSV into Many TXT/RTF Files
DEFAULT_control1A Default Value for corp_or_dtm 1
DEFAULT_control2A Default Value for corp_or_dtm 2
DEFAULT_cutterA Default Cutter
dictionary_dtmMaking DTM/TDM for Groups of Words
dir_or_fileCollect Full Filenames from a Mix of Directories and Files
get_tag_wordExtract Words of Some Certain Tags through Pos-Tagging
get_tmp_chi_localeCheck The Locale Functions are to Assume
is_character_vectorA Convenient Version of is.character
is_positive_integerA Convenient Version of is.integer
m2docRewrite Terms and Frequencies into Many Files
m3mConvert Objects among matrix, dgCMatrix,...
make_stoplistInput a Filename and Return a Vector of Stop Words
match_patternExtract Strings by Regular Expression Quickly
output_dtmConvert or Write DTM/TDM Object Quickly
scancnRead a Text File by Auto-Detecting Encoding
seg_fileConvenient Tool to Segment Chinese Texts
slim_textRemove Words through Speech Tagging
sort_tfFind High Frequency Terms
sparse_leftCheck How many Words are Left under Certain Sparse Values
tf2docTransform Terms and Frequencies into a Text
topic_trendSimple Rise or Fall Trend of Several Years
txt2csvWrite Many Separated Files into a CSV
VCopy and Paste from Excel-Like Files
VCCopy and Paste from Excel-Like Files
VCRCopy and Paste from Excel-Like Files
VRCopy and Paste from Excel-Like Files
VRCCopy and Paste from Excel-Like Files
word_corWord Correlation in DTM/TDM
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