V: Copy and Paste from Excel-Like Files

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These functions make it easy for copy and paste data from Excel-like files, especially when there are blank cells or when different columns have different lengths. All of them have the same arguments.

If you copy something from a text document (e.g., Windows Notepad), the function may warn "incomplete final line found by readTableHeader...". This is because your content does not end with an end of line sign. You can simply ignore this warning!


V(tofactor = 0, keepblank = 0, sep = "\t")



if this is equal to numeric 1 or TRUE, characters will be converted to factors. Otherwise no conversion will be done. The default is not to convert.


if characters are not to be converted to factors, this argument decides how to deal with blank cells in character columns. If it is numeric 1 or TRUE, a blank cell will be converted to "" (size 0 string). Otherwise it is viewed as NA (default).


a single character to differentiate cells of a table. The default value should be used when your data is from Excel.

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