Man pages for chlorpromazineR
Convert Antipsychotic Doses to Chlorpromazine Equivalents

add_keyCombine 2 keys with base key taking precedence
check_apChecks whether antipsychotic names are in the key
check_keyCheck whether a conversion key is the expected format
davis1974Chlorpromazine equivalent key from Davis 1974 data
gardner2010Chlorpromazine equivalent key from Gardner et al. 2010 data
gardner2010_withsaiChlorpromazine equivalent key from Gardner et al. 2010 data
leucht2016Chlorpromazine equivalent key from Leucht et al. 2016 data
to_apCalculates equivalent doses
to_cpzCalculates chlorpromazine-equivalent doses
trim_keyModify the names in a conversion key to only include the...
woods2003Chlorpromazine equivalent key from Woods 2003 data
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