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Earth System History Variables

adimattNumber of columns and rows of a 'RasterArray' or...
aggregateAggregate raster cells in a 'RasterArray' object
apply-methodsApply-type iterator for RasterArrays and SpatialArrays
arraylengthNumber of elements or layers in a 'RasterArray' or... method for 'RasterArray' and 'SpatialArray'
as.list-RasterArray-methodCoerce a RasterArray class object to a list
as.list-SpatialArray-methodCoerce a 'SpatialArray' class object to a list
asRasterArrayConvert Raster* objects to RasterArrays
asSpatialArrayConvert Spatial* objects to SpatialArrays
bind-methodsCombine Raster and Vector Spatial data to 'RasterArray' or...
calc-RasterArray-function-methodCalculate method for the RasterArray object
cellStats-RasterArray-methodStatistics across cells in a RasterArray object
chronosphereEarth System History Variables
coastsPaleoMAP PaleoCoastlines (demo)
coercionCoerce RasterLayer, RasterStack and RasterBrick object to a...
colnamesColumn names of two-dimensional 'RasterArray' or...
combineCombine RasterLayers and one-dimensional RasterArrays and...
crop-RasterArray-methodCrop a RasterArray object
datasetsDownload a database extract from 'chronosphere' remote server
demsPaleoDEM rasters from the reconstructions Chris Scotese.
dimlayerDimensions of RasterLayers in a RasterArray object
dimnamesNames of multidimensional 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray'...
dim-XArray-methodDimensions of 'SpatialArray' or 'RasterArray' objects
disaggregateDisaggregate raster cells in a RasterArray object
doubleBracketReplaceReplace 'RasterLayer's in a 'RasterArray' object and...
extentExtent of a 'RasterArray' object
extractExtraction of values from multiple RasterLayers in a...
extremeValuesMinimum and maximum values in a RasterArray object
fetchData fetching
infoDocumentation page of a variable of missing values in a RasterArray object of missing values in a 'SpatialArray' object
layersNames of 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray' Layers in the stack
mapedgeFunction to quickly draft the edge of the equirectangular...
mapplotWrapper function to plot maps of different classes
mask-RasterArray-methodsMethods to mask RasterArray objects, or to mask with them
matchtimeMatch the dates of a time-dependent variable with a...
namesNames of one-dimensional 'RasterArray', 'SpatialStack' or...
ncellNumber of cells in a RasterArray object
newboundsRedefine bounds of a named matrix
numsNames as numerics
nvaluesThe total number of values in a RasterArray object
platemodelClass of objects representing plate tectonic models
plotsShorthand for the plotting 'RasterArray' and 'SpatialArray'...
projectRasterProject a RasterArray object
proxyThe proxy of a RasterArray or SpatialArray object
rampsColour gradient ramps
RasterArray-classVirtual Array of RasterLayers
reconstructReconstruct geographic features
referenceRetrieve citation of data object
replacementSingleReplace layers of a 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray' object
replacementSingle-spatialstackReplace layers of a SpatialStack object
resResolution of a RasterArray object
resample-RasterArray-ANY-methodResample a RasterArray object
rotateRotate a 'RasterArray' object
rownamesRow names of two-dimensional 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray'...
shaperCode snippets defining ranges based on points located on a...
SpatialArray-classVirtual Array of Vector Spatial data
SpatialStack-classStack of Spatial Objects
spTransformFunction to transform the coordinate reference system of an...
stackStacking method for the vector Spatial* 'SpatialStack'...
subset-SpatialStack-methodSubset a SpatialStack object
subset-XArray-methodSubset a 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray' object
sub-SpatialStack-ANY-ANY-methodIndexing to extract subsets of a SpatialStack object
sub-sub-SpatialStack-ANY-ANY-methodIndexing to extract Spatial items from a SpatialStack object
sub-sub-XArray-ANY-ANY-methodIndexing to extract 'RasterLayer's of a 'RasterArray' or...
sub-XArray-ANY-ANY-methodIndexing to extract subsets of a codeRasterArray or...
t-methodsTranspose a 'RasterArray' or 'SpatialArray' object
typesReturn types of objects in a 'SpatialStack' or 'SpatialArray'...
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