chronosphere: Earth System History Variables

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The purpose of the 'chronosphere' project is to facilitate spatially explicit analyses of (paleo)environmental/ecological research. The package serves as a gateway to plate tectonic reconstructions, deep time global climate model results as well as fossil occurrence datasets such as the Paleobiology Database and the PaleoReefs Database Environmental data stored on a remote server can be downloaded and imported directly to the R environment. Query functions to the GPlates ( desktop application or the GPlates Web Service ( allow users to reconstruct coordinates, static plates, and Spatial objects. A wrapper class RasterArray is implemented around the RasterLayer class, allowing the organization of spatially explicit raster data in n-dimensional arrays. The project is developed under the umbrella of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) Research Unit TERSANE2 (For 2332, TEmperature Related Stressors in ANcient Extinctions).


This is still the Beta version. As is R, this is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Nevertheless, notes about found bugs and suggestions are more than welcome.


Adam T. Kocsis ( and Nussaibah B. Raja

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