climdex.pcic: PCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines

PCIC's implementation of Climdex routines for computation of extreme climate indices.

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AuthorDavid Bronaugh <> for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
Date of publication2015-06-30 08:51:37
MaintainerJames Hiebert <>

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Man pages

climdex.cdd: The 'spells.can.span.years' option specifies whether spells...

climdex.csdi: Cold Spell Duration Index

climdex.cwd: The 'spells.can.span.years' option specifies whether spells...

climdex.dtr: Mean Diurnal Temperature Range

climdex.fd: Frost Days

climdex.get.available.indices: Get available indices by name

climdex.gsl: Growing Season Length Icing Days

climdexInput: climdexInput

climdexInput.csv: Method for creating climdexInput object from CSV files

climdexInput.raw: Method for creating climdexInput object from vectors of data

climdex.pcic: climdex.pcic, an implementation of the ETCCDI climate change...

climdex.prcptot: Total Daily Precipitation

climdex.quantile: Climdex quantile function

climdex.r10mm: Precipitation Exceeding 10mm Per Day

climdex.r20mm: Precipitation Exceeding 20mm Per Day

climdex.r95ptot: Total Daily Precipitation Exceeding 95%ile Threshold

climdex.r99ptot: Total Daily Precipitation Exceeding 99%ile Threshold

climdex.rnnmm: Precipitation Exceeding A Specified Amount Per Day

climdex.rx1day: Monthly Maximum 1-day Precipitation

climdex.rx5day: Monthly Maximum 5-day Consecutive Precipitation

climdex.sdii: Simple Precpitation Intensity Index Summer Days

climdex.tn10p: Computation of these percentiles involves use of a boostrap...

climdex.tn90p: Computation of these percentiles involves use of a boostrap...

climdex.tnn: Monthly Minimum of Daily Minimum Temperature

climdex.tnx: Monthly Maximum of Daily Minimum Temperature Tropical Nights

climdex.tx10p: Computation of these percentiles involves use of a boostrap...

climdex.tx90p: Computation of these percentiles involves use of a boostrap...

climdex.txn: Monthly Minimum of Daily Maximum Temperature

climdex.txx: Monthly Maximum of Daily Maximum Temperature

climdex.wsdi: Warm Spell Duration Index

ec.1018935: EC example data

get.last.monthday.of.year: Get the last month and day of the year

get.outofbase.quantiles: Method for getting threshold quantiles for use in computing... Get series length at ends

growing.season.length: Flexible GSL function

nday.consec.prec.max: Number of days (less than, greater than, etc) a threshold

number.days.op.threshold: Number of days (less than, greater than, etc) a threshold

percent.days.op.threshold: Lengths of strings of TRUE values Select blocks of TRUE values of sufficient length.

simple.precipitation.intensity.index: Simple Precipitation Intensity Index

spell.length.max: Maximum spell length

threshold.exceedance.duration.index: Sum of spell lengths exceeding daily threshold

total.precip.op.threshold: Sum of precipitation above a threshold


climdex.cdd Man page
climdex.csdi Man page
climdex.cwd Man page
climdex.dtr Man page
climdex.fd Man page
climdex.get.available.indices Man page
climdex.gsl Man page Man page
climdexInput Man page
climdexInput-class Man page
climdexInput.csv Man page
climdexInput.raw Man page
climdex.pcic Man page
climdex.pcic-package Man page
climdex.prcptot Man page
climdex.quantile Man page
climdex.r10mm Man page
climdex.r20mm Man page
climdex.r95ptot Man page
climdex.r99ptot Man page
climdex.rnnmm Man page
climdex.rx1day Man page
climdex.rx5day Man page
climdex.sdii Man page Man page
climdex.tn10p Man page
climdex.tn90p Man page
climdex.tnn Man page
climdex.tnx Man page Man page
climdex.tx10p Man page
climdex.tx90p Man page
climdex.txn Man page
climdex.txx Man page
climdex.wsdi Man page
ec.1018935 Man page
ec.1018935.prec Man page
ec.1018935.tmax Man page
ec.1018935.tmin Man page
get.last.monthday.of.year Man page
get.outofbase.quantiles Man page Man page
growing.season.length Man page
nday.consec.prec.max Man page
number.days.op.threshold Man page
percent.days.op.threshold Man page Man page
simple.precipitation.intensity.index Man page
spell.length.max Man page
threshold.exceedance.duration.index Man page
total.precip.op.threshold Man page

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