Man pages for climdex.pcic
PCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines

climdex.cddMaximum Consecutive Dry Days
climdex.csdiCold Spell Duration Index
climdex.cwdMaximum Consecutive Wet Days
climdex.dtrMean Diurnal Temperature Range
climdex.fdFrost Days
climdex.get.available.indicesGet available indices by name
climdex.gslGrowing Season Length
climdex.idIcing Days
climdexInput.csvMethod for creating climdexInput object from CSV files
climdexInput.rawMethod for creating climdexInput object from vectors of data
climdex.pcicclimdex.pcic, an implementation of the ETCCDI climate change...
climdex.prcptotTotal Daily Precipitation
climdex.quantileClimdex quantile function
climdex.r10mmPrecipitation Exceeding 10mm Per Day
climdex.r20mmPrecipitation Exceeding 20mm Per Day
climdex.r95ptotTotal Daily Precipitation Exceeding 95%ile Threshold
climdex.r99ptotTotal Daily Precipitation Exceeding 99%ile Threshold
climdex.rnnmmPrecipitation Exceeding A Specified Amount Per Day
climdex.rx1dayMonthly Maximum 1-day Precipitation
climdex.rx5dayMonthly Maximum 5-day Consecutive Precipitation
climdex.sdiiSimple Precpitation Intensity Index
climdex.suSummer Days
climdex.tn10pPercent of Values Below 10th Percentile Daily Minimum...
climdex.tn90pPercent of Values Above 90th Percentile Daily Minimum...
climdex.tnnMonthly Minimum of Daily Minimum Temperature
climdex.tnxMonthly Maximum of Daily Minimum Temperature
climdex.trTropical Nights
climdex.tx10pPercent of Values Below 10th Percentile Daily Maximum...
climdex.tx90pPercent of Values Above 90th Percentile Daily Maximum...
climdex.txnMonthly Minimum of Daily Maximum Temperature
climdex.txxMonthly Maximum of Daily Maximum Temperature
climdex.wsdiWarm Spell Duration Index
ec.1018935EC example data
get.last.monthday.of.yearGet the last month and day of the year
get.outofbase.quantilesMethod for getting threshold quantiles for use in computing... series length at ends
growing.season.lengthFlexible GSL function
nday.consec.prec.maxNumber of days (less than, greater than, etc) a threshold
number.days.op.thresholdNumber of days (less than, greater than, etc) a threshold
percent.days.op.thresholdLengths of strings of TRUE values
running.meanRunning Mean of a Vector blocks of TRUE values of sufficient length.
simple.precipitation.intensity.indexSimple Precipitation Intensity Index
spell.length.maxMaximum spell length
threshold.exceedance.duration.indexSum of spell lengths exceeding daily threshold
total.precip.op.thresholdSum of precipitation above a threshold
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