climtrends: Statistical Methods for Climate Sciences

Absolute homogeneity tests SNHT absolute 1-breaks, 1-break, SD different from 1, 2-breaks, Buishand, Pettitt, von Neumann ratio and ratio-rank, Worsley, and Craddock, Relative homogeneity tests SNHT absolute 1-breaks, 1-break SD different from 1, 2-breaks, Peterson and Easterling, and Vincent, Differences in scale between two groups Siegel–Tukey, Create reference time series mean, weights/correlation, finding outliers Grubbs, ESD, MAD, Tietjen Moore, Hampel, etc.

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AuthorJose Gama [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-05-26 17:56:25
MaintainerJose Gama <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

adjHomogenization: Homogenization adjustment within a certain window

allfilesIEObyPathPattern: Read multiple IEO files

allfileUSGS2timeseries: Read multiple USGS files

annual.precipitation.totals.Madison: Annual precipitation totals in inches Madison (Wisconsin)

BSXFUN: Apply a function to each element of 2 arrays with singleton...

Buishand.Critical.Values: Critical values for the Buishand test

Buishand.range.test: Buishand range absolute homogeneity test

climtrends-internal: Internal RAHRS functions

completeMissingValues.daily.mean: complete missing values on a time series of daily values...

craddock.test: Craddock test

CreateReferenceSeriesFromFiles.mean: Create a reference series (averaging)

create.reference.series.fromfiles.mean.correlations: Create a reference series (averaging weights/correlations)

cumulative.deviations: cumulative deviations test (parametric test for step jump in...

Cumulative.Deviations.Test.Critical.Values: Critical values for Worsley's likelihood ratio test Daily climatology Distribution Free CUSUM (non-parametric test for step jump in...

ESDstatistic: ESD statistic

fileUSGS2timeseries: Read a a USGS discharge file

FillDailyGapsWithSomeValue: fill missing days with some value

FillYearlyGapsWithSomeValue: fill missing days with some value

findCommonPeriod: Find the common period between several time series

findOutliers.ESD.test: Find outliers based on the ESD test

findOutliers.Grubbs.twosided: Find outliers based on the Grubbs test

findOutliers.hampel: Find outliers based on quantiles

findOutliers.MAD: Find outliers based on the absolute deviation around the...

findOutliers.quant: Find outliers based on quantiles Find outliers based on quantiles

findOutliers.Tietjen.Moore.test: Find outliers based on the Tietjen Moore test

findOutliers.trimmed.means: Find outliers based on trimmed means

findOutliers.zscore: Find outliers based on the z-score

FirstMonthOfSeason: Get the first/last month of a season

getInfoHomogenization: Useful info from an homogenization test

getNDP: Read data from a Numeric Data Package (NDP) file from GCMD

getshiftvalue: Get peak value and its sign

IsLeapYear: Determine if a year is a leap year

lastDayOfTheMonth: Get the last day of a month

levelSignifMarks: Use symbols to represent the level of significance

list.continuous.days: List the days with continuous data

listHomogStats: List with the years of a probable shift and other info

listHomogTZ: Useful info from an homogenization test

medianCrossing.test: Median Crossing (non-parametric test for randomness) Monthly anomalies Monthly climatology

MonthlyFuncFromDay: Monthly values converted from daily values

MonthTrendYearsFuncFromDay: Monthly values converted from daily values

peaksP: Use symbols to represent the level of significance

Pettitt.Critical.Values: Critical values for the Pettitt test

Pettitt.test: Pettitt test

plotHomog: Plot the graphics for many homogenization methods

plotSeriesAndRefSimple: Plot a series and one or more reference series

plotSeriesDifference: Plot the difference between 2 series

rank.difference.test: Rank Difference test (non-parametric test for randomness)

rank.sum.test: Rank Sum test

Rank.Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values: Critical values for the Rank Von-Neumann Ratio Test Read KNMI Climate Explorer files Read monthly values KNMI Climate Explorer files

readCRDEC: Read GHCN-D files

readECAdata: Read data from a ECA data file

readEtmgegFile: Read USHCN files

readGHCNymd: Read GHCN-Daily files

readHERTTAdailyCSV: Read HERTTA files

readHERTTAdmyQdaily: Read HERTTA month+year+Q files

readMeteoSwiss: Read MeteoSwiss files

readndp040stationDat: Read data from a CDIAC data file

readPSMSLmonthly: Read PSMSL files

readUSHCN: Read USHCN files

ReadYearAnd12MonthsData: Read a TAB delimited data file with year and months in...

siegel.tukey: annual mean of the absolute day-to-day differences of DTR...

SNHTabsolute: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) absolute homogeneity...

SNHTabsolute2SDs: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) absolute homogeneity...

SNHTabsoluteDoubleShift: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) absolute homogeneity...

SNHTabsoluteII: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) absolute homogeneity...

SNHTabsoluteTrend: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) absolute homogeneity...

SNHT.Critical.Values: Critical values for the Pettitt test

SNHTrelative: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) relative homogeneity...

SNHTrelative2SDs: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) relative homogeneity...

SNHTrelativeDoubleShift: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) relative homogeneity...

SNHTrelativeII: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) relative homogeneity...

SNHTrelativeTrend: standard normal homogeneity test (SNHT) relative homogeneity...

SNHT.TwoDifferentSDs.Critical.Values: Critical values for the standard normal homogeneity test...

SNHT.TwoShifts.Critical.Values: Critical values for the standard normal homogeneity test...

sqplot: Number of elements for a plot to be nearly square

Tietjen.Moore: Tietjen Moore statistic

trimmed.mean: trimmed mean

turning.points.test: Turning Points (non-parametric test for randomness)

ValuesBetween2Dates: Get values between two dates

ValuesBetween2years: Get values between two years

vDTR: annual mean of the absolute day-to-day differences of DTR...

Von.Neumann.ratio: Pettitt test

Von.Neumann.ratio.rank: Von Neumann ratio rank test

Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values: Critical values for the Von Neumann ratio test

wetDayCount: Get number of wet days

woOp: x without y

Worsley.Likelihood.Ratio: Worsley's Likelihood Ratio test

Worsley.Likelihood.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values: Critical values for Worsley's likelihood ratio test

YearFuncFromDay: Annual values converted from daily values

yearly.average.temperature.Turin.Milan: Yearly average temperature in Turin, Milan


AdjHomogenization Man page
AllfilesIEObyPathPattern Man page
AllReadUSGS2timeseries Man page
annual.precipitation.totals.Madison Man page
BSXFUN Man page
Buishand.Critical.Values Man page
BuishandRangeTest Man page
CompleteMissingValuesDailyMean Man page
CraddockTest Man page
CreateReferenceSeriesFromFilesMean Man page
CreateReferenceSeriesFromFilesMeanCorrelations Man page
CreateReferenceSeriesFromFilesMeanCorrelationsTwoseries Man page
CumulativeDeviations Man page
CumulativeDeviationsQR Man page
Cumulative.Deviations.Test.Critical.Values Man page
DailyClimatologyFromDailyData Man page
DistributionFreeCUSUM Man page
ESDstatistic Man page
FillDailyGapsWithSomeValue Man page
FillYearlyGapsWithSomeValue Man page
FindCommonPeriod Man page
FindOutliersESDtest Man page
FindOutliersGrubbsOnesidedMax Man page
FindOutliersGrubbsOnesidedMin Man page
FindOutliersGrubbsTwosided Man page
FindOutliersHampel Man page
FindOutliersMAD Man page
FindOutliersModifiedZscore Man page
FindOutliersQuant Man page
FindOutliersSD Man page
FindOutliersTietjenMooreTest Man page
FindOutliersTrimmedMeans Man page
FindOutliersZscore Man page
FirstMonthOfSeason Man page
GetInfoHomogenization Man page
GetNDP Man page
GetShiftValue Man page
IsLeapYear Man page
LastDayOfTheMonth Man page
LastMonthOfSeason Man page
LevelSignifMarks Man page
ListContinuousDays Man page
ListHomogStats Man page
ListHomogTZ Man page
localwindow Man page
MedianCrossingTest Man page
MonthlyAnomaliesFromDailyData Man page
MonthlyClimatologyFromDailyData Man page
MonthlyFuncFromDay Man page
MonthTrendYearsFuncFromDay Man page
ndims Man page
NegCurve Man page
peaksP Man page
Pettitt.Critical.Values Man page
PettittTest Man page
PlotHomog Man page
PlotSeriesAndRefSimple Man page
PlotSeriesDifference Man page
RankDifferenceTest Man page
RankSumTest Man page
Rank.Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values Man page
ReadClimexpKnmiNL Man page
ReadClimexpKnmiNL12month Man page
ReadCRDEC Man page
ReadECAdata Man page
ReadECAdataIndexDTR Man page
ReadEtmgegFile Man page
ReadGHCNymd Man page
ReadHERTTAdailyCSV Man page
ReadHERTTAdmyQdaily Man page
ReadMeteoSwiss Man page
ReadNdp040stationDat Man page
ReadNdp040stationData Man page
ReadNdp040stationHistory Man page
ReadNdp040stationInventory Man page
ReadPSMSLmonthly Man page
ReadUSGS2timeseries Man page
ReadUSHCN Man page
ReadYearAnd12MonthsData Man page
SiegelTukey Man page
smgauss Man page
SNHTabsolute Man page
SNHTabsolute2SDs Man page
SNHTabsoluteDoubleShift Man page
SNHTabsoluteII Man page
SNHTabsoluteTrend Man page
SNHT.Critical.Values Man page
SNHT.Critical.Values.Alexandersson1997 Man page
SNHTrelative Man page
SNHTrelative2SDs Man page
SNHTrelativeDoubleShift Man page
SNHTrelativeII Man page
SNHTrelativeTrend Man page
SNHT.TwoDifferentSDs.Critical.Values Man page
SNHT.TwoShifts.Critical.Values Man page
Sqplot Man page
Subgen Man page
TietjenMoore Man page
TrimmedMean Man page
TurningPointsTest Man page
ValuesBetween2Dates Man page
ValuesBetween2years Man page
VDTR Man page
VonNeumannRatio Man page
VonNeumannRatioRank Man page
Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values Man page
WetDayCount Man page
\%w/o\% Man page
WorsleyLikelihoodRatio Man page
Worsley.Likelihood.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values Man page
YearFuncFromDay Man page
yearly.average.temperature.Turin.Milan Man page
YearMeanFromDay Man page


demo/demoCumulativeDeviations.R demo/Hampel3.R demo/demoCraddockTest.R demo/demoWorsleyLR.R demo/Hampel2.R
demo/demoWijngaard2003.R demo/Hampel1.R
man/ValuesBetween2years.Rd man/Von.Neumann.ratio.rank.Rd man/readndp040stationDat.Rd man/sqplot.Rd man/findOutliers.ESD.test.Rd man/levelSignifMarks.Rd man/findOutliers.Grubbs.twosided.Rd man/SNHTrelative.Rd man/ReadYearAnd12MonthsData.Rd man/ man/ESDstatistic.Rd man/readECAdata.Rd man/siegel.tukey.Rd man/findOutliers.zscore.Rd man/readCRDEC.Rd man/findOutliers.Tietjen.Moore.test.Rd man/findOutliers.hampel.Rd man/FirstMonthOfSeason.Rd man/Pettitt.Critical.Values.Rd man/Buishand.Critical.Values.Rd man/BSXFUN.Rd man/CreateReferenceSeriesFromFiles.mean.Rd man/ValuesBetween2Dates.Rd man/woOp.Rd man/ man/YearFuncFromDay.Rd man/findOutliers.MAD.Rd man/getNDP.Rd man/SNHTrelativeTrend.Rd man/medianCrossing.test.Rd man/ man/Rank.Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values.Rd man/findCommonPeriod.Rd man/turning.points.test.Rd man/listHomogStats.Rd man/ man/FillYearlyGapsWithSomeValue.Rd man/completeMissingValues.daily.mean.Rd man/Worsley.Likelihood.Ratio.Rd man/MonthTrendYearsFuncFromDay.Rd man/readGHCNymd.Rd man/plotSeriesDifference.Rd man/getInfoHomogenization.Rd man/SNHT.Critical.Values.Rd man/SNHTabsolute.Rd man/Von.Neumann.ratio.Rd man/readHERTTAdmyQdaily.Rd man/Worsley.Likelihood.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values.Rd man/fileUSGS2timeseries.Rd man/yearly.average.temperature.Turin.Milan.Rd man/allfileUSGS2timeseries.Rd man/findOutliers.trimmed.means.Rd man/readUSHCN.Rd man/rank.sum.test.Rd man/SNHT.TwoShifts.Critical.Values.Rd man/annual.precipitation.totals.Madison.Rd man/create.reference.series.fromfiles.mean.correlations.Rd man/cumulative.deviations.Rd man/SNHTrelativeDoubleShift.Rd man/readHERTTAdailyCSV.Rd man/ man/listHomogTZ.Rd man/Von.Neumann.Ratio.Test.Critical.Values.Rd man/rank.difference.test.Rd man/findOutliers.quant.Rd man/SNHTrelativeII.Rd man/climtrends-internal.Rd man/wetDayCount.Rd man/Buishand.range.test.Rd man/vDTR.Rd man/adjHomogenization.Rd man/SNHTabsoluteDoubleShift.Rd man/allfilesIEObyPathPattern.Rd man/SNHTabsolute2SDs.Rd man/craddock.test.Rd man/getshiftvalue.Rd man/FillDailyGapsWithSomeValue.Rd man/readMeteoSwiss.Rd man/SNHT.TwoDifferentSDs.Critical.Values.Rd man/MonthlyFuncFromDay.Rd man/Cumulative.Deviations.Test.Critical.Values.Rd man/ man/readPSMSLmonthly.Rd man/plotHomog.Rd man/SNHTrelative2SDs.Rd man/list.continuous.days.Rd man/SNHTabsoluteII.Rd man/peaksP.Rd man/Pettitt.test.Rd man/readEtmgegFile.Rd man/plotSeriesAndRefSimple.Rd man/lastDayOfTheMonth.Rd man/ man/SNHTabsoluteTrend.Rd man/trimmed.mean.Rd man/Tietjen.Moore.Rd man/IsLeapYear.Rd

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