Man pages for climwin
Climate Window Analysis

autowinTest for auto-correlation in climate.
ChaffAnnual laying date of breeding common chaffinch (Fringilla...
ChaffClimDaily climate data from 1965 to 2012.
crosswinTest the correlation between two climate variables.
exploreVisualise the weight distribution for given parameter values
MassChick body mass data since 1979.
MassClimateDaily climate data since 1979.
MassOutputExample output dataframe from function slidingwin.
MassRandExample output dataframe from function randwin.
medwinDetermine the median start and end time for climate windows
merge_resultsMerge two slidingwin analyses.
Monthly_dataMonthly temperature data
OffspringReproductive success of birds since 2009.
OffspringClimateDaily climate data since 2009.
plotallVisualise climate window data
plotbestVisualise the best climate window
plotbetasPlot model beta estimates
plotcorVisualise climate cross correlation or autocorrelation.
plotdeltaPlot deltaAICc of models
plothistCreate a histogram of randomised deltaAICc values
plotweightsPlot distribution of model weights
plotwinPlot the start and end time of best climate windows
pvalueDetermine the probability that a given climate signal is...
randwinClimate window analysis for randomised data
singlewinFit a single climate window
SizeAverage size of red winged fairy wren (Malurus elegans)...
SizeClimateDaily climate data from 2006 to 2015.
slidingwinTest for a climate windows in data.
weightwinFind a weighted climate window
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