clpAPI: R Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp

R Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp, depends on COIN-OR Clp Version >= 1.12.0.

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AuthorC. Jonathan Fritzemeier [cre, ctb], Gabriel Gelius-Dietrich [aut]
Date of publication2016-04-19 13:50:09
MaintainerC. Jonathan Fritzemeier <>
LicenseGPL-3 | file LICENSE

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Man pages

addColsCLP: Add Columns

addRowsCLP: Add Rows

chgColLowerCLP: Set/Change Column Lower Bounds

chgColUpperCLP: Set/Change Column Upper Bounds

chgObjCoefsCLP: Set/Change Objective Coefficients

chgRowLowerCLP: Set/Change Row Lower Bounds

chgRowUpperCLP: Set/Change Row Upper Bounds

clpAPI-package: R Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp

clpPtr-class: Class '"clpPtr"'

copyNamesCLP: Copy Column and Row Names in the Model

delColsCLP: Delete Columns in the Model

delProbCLP: Delete Problem Object

delRowsCLP: Delete Rows in the Model

dropNamesCLP: Drop Names in the Model

dualCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Dual Simplex Method

getColDualCLP: Retrieve all Column Dual Values

getColLowerCLP: Retrieve Column Lower Bound

getColPrimCLP: Retrieve all Column Primal Values

getColUpperCLP: Retrieve Column Upper Bounds

getIndCLP: Retrieve Row Indices of the Non Zero Elements in the...

getLogLevelCLP: Retrieve the Log Level Flag

getNnzCLP: Retrieve the Non Zero Elements of the Constraint Matrix in...

getNumColsCLP: Retrieve the Current Number of Columns in the Model

getNumNnzCLP: Retrieve the Current Number of Non Zero Elements in the Model

getNumRowsCLP: Retrieve the Current Number of Rows in the Model

getObjCoefsCLP: Retrieve Objective Coefficients

getObjDirCLP: Retrieve Optimization Direction Flag

getObjValCLP: Retrieve the Value of the Objective Function After...

getRowDualCLP: Retrieve all Row Dual Values

getRowLowerCLP: Retrieve Row Lower Bound

getRowPrimCLP: Retrieve all Row Primal Values

getRowUpperCLP: Retrieve Row Upper Bound

getScaleFlagCLP: Retrieve the Scale Flag

getSolStatusCLP: Retrieve the Solution Status

getVecLenCLP: Retrieve the Number of Non Zero Elements per Column

getVecStartCLP: Retrieve Column Starts in Constraint Matrix

idiotCLP: Solve LP Problem with the idiot Code

initProbCLP: Create a COIN-OR Clp Problem Object

lengthNamesCLP: Length of the Names in the Model

loadMatrixCLP: Load Constraint Matrix

loadProblemCLP: Load Problem Data

primalCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Primal Simplex Method

printModelCLP: Print the Model to STDOUT

probNameCLP: Set Problem Name

readMPSCLP: Read Problem in (Free) MPS Format

resizeCLP: Resize a Model

restoreModelCLP: Restore model from file

return_codeCLP: Translates a COIN-OR Clp Return Code into a Human Readable...

saveModelCLP: Save model to file

scaleModelCLP: Set/Unset the Scaling Flag (Method)

setLogLevelCLP: Set the Amount of Output to STDOUT

setObjDirCLP: Set/Change Optimization Direction Flag

solveInitialBarrierCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Initial Barrier Method

solveInitialBarrierNoCrossCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Initial Barrier Method (no...

solveInitialCLP: Solve LP Problem with a General Solve Algorithm

solveInitialDualCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Initial Dual Simplex Method

solveInitialPrimalCLP: Solve LP Problem with the Initial Primal Simplex Method

status_codeCLP: Translates a COIN-OR Clp Status Value into a Human Readable...

versionCLP: Determine COIN-OR Clp Callable Library Version


addColsCLP Man page
addRowsCLP Man page
chgColLowerCLP Man page
chgColUpperCLP Man page
chgObjCoefsCLP Man page
chgRowLowerCLP Man page
chgRowUpperCLP Man page
Clp_addColumns Man page
Clp_addRows Man page
clpAPI Man page
clpAPI-package Man page
Clp_chgColumnLower Man page
Clp_chgColumnUpper Man page
Clp_chgObjCoefficients Man page
Clp_chgRowLower Man page
Clp_chgRowUpper Man page
Clp_columnLower Man page
Clp_columnUpper Man page
Clp_copyNames Man page
Clp_deleteColumns Man page
Clp_deleteModel Man page
Clp_deleteRows Man page
Clp_dropNames Man page
Clp_dual Man page
Clp_dualColumnSolution Man page
Clp_dualRowSolution Man page
Clp_getElements Man page
Clp_getIndices Man page
Clp_getNumElements Man page
Clp_getVectorLengths Man page
Clp_getVectorStarts Man page
Clp_idiot Man page
Clp_initialBarrierNoCrossSolve Man page
Clp_initialBarrierSolve Man page
Clp_initialDualSolve Man page
Clp_initialPrimalSolve Man page
Clp_initialSolve Man page
Clp_lengthNames Man page
Clp_loadProblem Man page
Clp_logLevel Man page
Clp_newModel Man page
Clp_numberColumns Man page
Clp_numberRows Man page
Clp_objective Man page
Clp_objectiveValue Man page
Clp_optimizationDirection Man page
clpPointer Man page
clpPointer,clpPtr-method Man page
Clp_primal Man page
Clp_primalColumnSolution Man page
Clp_primalRowSolution Man page
Clp_printModel Man page
Clp_problemName Man page
clpPtr Man page
clpPtr-class Man page
clpPtrType Man page
clpPtrType<- Man page
clpPtrType<-,clpPtr-method Man page
clpPtrType,clpPtr-method Man page
Clp_readMps Man page
Clp_resize Man page
Clp_restoreModel Man page
Clp_rowLower Man page
Clp_rowUpper Man page
Clp_saveModel Man page
Clp_scaling Man page
Clp_scalingFlag Man page
Clp_setLogLevel Man page
Clp_setOptimizationDirection Man page
Clp_status Man page
copyNamesCLP Man page
delColsCLP Man page
delProbCLP Man page
delRowsCLP Man page
dropNamesCLP Man page
dualCLP Man page
getColDualCLP Man page
getColLowerCLP Man page
getColPrimCLP Man page
getColUpperCLP Man page
getIndCLP Man page
getLogLevelCLP Man page
getNnzCLP Man page
getNumColsCLP Man page
getNumNnzCLP Man page
getNumRowsCLP Man page
getObjCoefsCLP Man page
getObjDirCLP Man page
getObjValCLP Man page
getRowDualCLP Man page
getRowLowerCLP Man page
getRowPrimCLP Man page
getRowUpperCLP Man page
getScaleFlagCLP Man page
getSolStatusCLP Man page
getVecLenCLP Man page
getVecStartCLP Man page
idiotCLP Man page
initProbCLP Man page
isCLPpointer Man page
isCLPpointer,clpPtr-method Man page
isNULLpointerCLP Man page
isNULLpointerCLP,clpPtr-method Man page
lengthNamesCLP Man page
loadMatrixCLP Man page
loadProblemCLP Man page
primalCLP Man page
printModelCLP Man page
probNameCLP Man page
readMPSCLP Man page
resizeCLP Man page
restoreModelCLP Man page
return_codeCLP Man page
saveModelCLP Man page
scaleModelCLP Man page
setLogLevelCLP Man page
setObjDirCLP Man page
solveInitialBarrierCLP Man page
solveInitialBarrierNoCrossCLP Man page
solveInitialCLP Man page
solveInitialDualCLP Man page
solveInitialPrimalCLP Man page
status_codeCLP Man page
versionCLP Man page


R/clpAPI.R R/clp.R R/generics.R R/clp_ptrClass.R R/zzz.R
man/addColsCLP.Rd man/getObjCoefsCLP.Rd man/scaleModelCLP.Rd man/probNameCLP.Rd man/versionCLP.Rd man/delColsCLP.Rd man/readMPSCLP.Rd man/solveInitialPrimalCLP.Rd man/delRowsCLP.Rd man/clpPtr-class.Rd man/getColDualCLP.Rd man/getRowLowerCLP.Rd man/clpAPI-package.Rd man/getNnzCLP.Rd man/resizeCLP.Rd man/dualCLP.Rd man/initProbCLP.Rd man/delProbCLP.Rd man/lengthNamesCLP.Rd man/getRowPrimCLP.Rd man/getNumColsCLP.Rd man/chgColUpperCLP.Rd man/getVecLenCLP.Rd man/setLogLevelCLP.Rd man/getObjValCLP.Rd man/setObjDirCLP.Rd man/getIndCLP.Rd man/return_codeCLP.Rd man/dropNamesCLP.Rd man/addRowsCLP.Rd man/getVecStartCLP.Rd man/restoreModelCLP.Rd man/getColUpperCLP.Rd man/solveInitialCLP.Rd man/chgObjCoefsCLP.Rd man/getRowDualCLP.Rd man/loadMatrixCLP.Rd man/chgColLowerCLP.Rd man/copyNamesCLP.Rd man/getColPrimCLP.Rd man/primalCLP.Rd man/solveInitialDualCLP.Rd man/getScaleFlagCLP.Rd man/solveInitialBarrierNoCrossCLP.Rd man/getObjDirCLP.Rd man/getLogLevelCLP.Rd man/getSolStatusCLP.Rd man/printModelCLP.Rd man/chgRowLowerCLP.Rd man/idiotCLP.Rd man/chgRowUpperCLP.Rd man/saveModelCLP.Rd man/getNumRowsCLP.Rd man/status_codeCLP.Rd man/getRowUpperCLP.Rd man/loadProblemCLP.Rd man/solveInitialBarrierCLP.Rd man/getColLowerCLP.Rd man/getNumNnzCLP.Rd

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