Man pages for clues
Clustering Method Based on Local

adjustedRandCalculate Agreement Indices Between Two Partitions for a Data...
cluesClustering Method Based on Local Shrinking
clusteringData Clustering (After Data Shrinking)
compClustCompare different partitions for a data set
CurveCurve Data Set
get_CHCompute CH Index
get_SilhouetteCompute Silhouette Index
MaronnaThe Maronna Data Set
plotAvgCurvesAverage Trajectory Plot for Each Cluster
plot.cluesDraw Scatter Plots or Plot of Average Trajectory per Cluster,...
plotClustersScatter Plots of Clusters in Specified Dimensions
plotCurvesPlot Trajectories for Each Cluster
print.cluesPrint Method for CLUES Objects
RingThe Broken-Ring Data Set
shrinkingData Sharpening Based on K-nearest Neighbors
summary.cluesSummary Method for CLUES Objects
VowelThe Vowel Data Set
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