clustMD: Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data

Model-based clustering of mixed data (i.e. data which consist of continuous, binary, ordinal or nominal variables) using a parsimonious mixture of latent Gaussian variable models.

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AuthorDamien McParland [aut, cre], Isobel Claire Gormley [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-03 15:31:02 UTC
MaintainerDamien McParland <>

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Man pages

Byar: Byar prostate cancer data set.

clustMD: Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data

clustMDlist: Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data

clustMD-package: Model based clustering for mixed data: clustMD

clustMDparallel: Run multiple clustMD models in parallel

clustMDparcoord: Parallel coordinates plot adapted for 'clustMD' output

dtmvnom: Return the mean and covariance matrix of a truncated...

E.step: E-step of the (MC)EM algorithm

getOutput_clustMDparallel: Extracts relevant output from 'clustMDparallel' object

modal.value: Calculate the mode of a sample

M.step: M-step of the (MC)EM algorithm

npars_clustMD: Calculates the number of free parameters for the 'clustMD'...

ObsLogLikelihood: Approximates the observed log likelihood.

patt.equal: Check if response patterns are equal

perc.cutoffs: Calculates the threshold parameters for ordinal variables.

plot.clustMD: Plotting method for objects of class 'clustMD'

plot.clustMDparallel: Summary plots for a clustMDparallel object

print.clustMD: Print basic details of 'clustMD' object.

print.clustMDparallel: Print basic details of 'clustMDparallel' object

qfun: Helper internal function for 'dtmvnom()'

stable.probs: Stable computation of the log of a sum

summary.clustMD: Summarise 'clustMD' object

summary.clustMDparallel: Prints a summary of a clustMDparallel object to screen.

vec.outer: Calculate the outer product of a vector with itself

z.moments: Calculates the first and second moments of the latent data

z.moments_diag: Calculates the first and second moments of the latent data...

z.nom.diag: Transforms Monte Carlo simulated data into categorical data....


Byar Man page
clustMD Man page
clustMDlist Man page
clustMD-package Man page
clustMDparallel Man page
clustMDparcoord Man page
dtmvnom Man page
E.step Man page
getOutput_clustMDparallel Man page
modal.value Man page
M.step Man page
npars_clustMD Man page
ObsLogLikelihood Man page
_PACKAGE Man page
patt.equal Man page
perc.cutoffs Man page
plot.clustMD Man page
plot.clustMDparallel Man page
print.clustMD Man page
print.clustMDparallel Man page
qfun Man page
stable.probs Man page
summary.clustMD Man page
summary.clustMDparallel Man page
vec.outer Man page
z.moments Man page
z.moments_diag Man page
z.nom.diag Man page

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