Man pages for clustMD
Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data

ByarByar prostate cancer data set.
clustMDModel Based Clustering for Mixed Data
clustMDlistModel Based Clustering for Mixed Data
clustMD-packageModel based clustering for mixed data: clustMD
clustMDparallelRun multiple clustMD models in parallel
clustMDparcoordParallel coordinates plot adapted for 'clustMD' output
dtmvnomReturn the mean and covariance matrix of a truncated...
E.stepE-step of the (MC)EM algorithm
getOutput_clustMDparallelExtracts relevant output from 'clustMDparallel' object
modal.valueCalculate the mode of a sample
M.stepM-step of the (MC)EM algorithm
npars_clustMDCalculates the number of free parameters for the 'clustMD'...
ObsLogLikelihoodApproximates the observed log likelihood.
patt.equalCheck if response patterns are equal
perc.cutoffsCalculates the threshold parameters for ordinal variables.
plot.clustMDPlotting method for objects of class 'clustMD'
plot.clustMDparallelSummary plots for a clustMDparallel object
print.clustMDPrint basic details of 'clustMD' object.
print.clustMDparallelPrint basic details of 'clustMDparallel' object
qfunHelper internal function for 'dtmvnom()'
stable.probsStable computation of the log of a sum
summary.clustMDSummarise 'clustMD' object
summary.clustMDparallelPrints a summary of a clustMDparallel object to screen.
vec.outerCalculate the outer product of a vector with itself
z.momentsCalculates the first and second moments of the latent data
z.moments_diagCalculates the first and second moments of the latent data...
z.nom.diagTransforms Monte Carlo simulated data into categorical data....
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