clv: Cluster Validation Techniques

Package contains most of the popular internal and external cluster validation methods ready to use for the most of the outputs produced by functions coming from package "cluster". Package contains also functions and examples of usage for cluster stability approach that might be applied to algorithms implemented in "cluster" package as well as user defined clustering algorithms.

AuthorLukasz Nieweglowski <>
Date of publication2013-11-11 13:44:41
MaintainerLukasz Nieweglowski <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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bcls.matrix Man page
cls.alg Man page
cls.attrib Man page Man page Man page
cls.set.section Man page
cls.stab.opt.assign Man page
cls.stab.opt.assign.usr Man page
cls.stab.sim.ind Man page
cls.stab.sim.ind.usr Man page
clv.Davies.Bouldin Man page
clv.DensBw Man page
clv.Dis Man page
clv.Dunn Man page
clv.Folkes.Mallows Man page
clv.Jaccard Man page
clv.Phi Man page
clv.Rand Man page
clv.Russel.Rao Man page
clv.Scatt Man page
clv.SD Man page
clv.SDbw Man page
confusion.matrix Man page
connectivity Man page Man page
dot.product Man page
similarity.index Man page
std.ext Man page
wcls.matrix Man page

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