Man pages for clv
Cluster Validation Techniques

cls_set_sectionSection of two subsets - External Measure utilities
cluster_attribMean, cluster size and center - cluster utilities
cluster_scatterIntercluster distances and intracluster diameters - Internal...
cluster_stabilityCluster Stability - Similarity Index and Pattern-wise...
cluster_stability_usrCluster Stability - Similarity Index and Pattern-wise...
confusion_matrixConfusion Matrix - External Measures, Cluster Stability
connectivityConnectivity Index - Internal Measure
Davies_BouldinDavies-Bouldin Index - Internal Measure
Dens_bwInter-cluster density - Internal Measure
DisTotal separation between clusters - Internal Measure
dot_productCosine similarity measure - External Measure, Cluster...
DunnDunn Index - Internal Measure
ScattAverage scattering for clusters - Internal Measure
SD_SDbwSD, SDbw - Internal Measures
similarity_indexSimilarity index based on confusion matrix - External...
standard_external_measuresStandard External Measures: Rand index, Jaccard coefficient...
wcls_bcls_matricesMatrix Cluster Scatter Measures
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