Man pages for coalitions
Bayesian "Now-Cast" Estimation of Event Probabilities in Multi-Party Democracies

as_surveyCreates basic survey table from votes in percent
calculate_probCalculate coalition probability from majority table
calculate_probsCalculate coalition probabilities for multiple coalitions
collapse_partiesTransform surveys in long format
dHondtSeat Distribution by D'Hondt
draw_from_posteriorDraw random numbers from posterior distribution
effective_samplesizeCalculate the effective sample size
extract_numExtract numerics from string or character
filter_superiorRemove rows from table for which superior coalitions are...
get_eligibleExtract surveys from institutes within a specified...
get_entryprobabilityGet probabilities to enter the parliament.
get_metaExtract "meta" information from survey data base
get_nTotal number of survey participants from surveys eligible for...
get_pooledExtract effective sample size for pooled sample
get_probabilitiesWrapper for calculation of coalition probabilities from...
get_seatsCalculate seat distribution from draws from posterior
get_superiorExtract superior coalitions from coalition string or vector
get_surveysScrape surveys from all pollsters
gg_surveyPlot voter shares observed in one survey
hare_niemeyerSeat Distribution by Hare/Niemeyer
has_majorityDoes a coalition have a majority
have_majorityDo coalitions have a majority
party_colors_deColors for German parties
party_labels_deLabels for German parties
paste_coalitionsTransform list of coalitions to vector by combining party...
pipePipe operator
pool_austriaPool surveys from different pollsters
pool_surveysObtain pooled survey during specified period
prettifyReplace/prettify matching words/terms in one vector by...
redistributeCalculate percentage of votes/seats after excluding parties...
sanitize_colnamesSanitize column names
sanitize_stringsSanitize character vector
scrapeScrape surveys for German general election
scrape_austriaImport Austrian survey results
slsSeat Distribution by Sainte-Lague/Schepers
surveys_sampleSample of selected surveys
try_readHTMLTry call of read_html that throws an error if the url cannot...
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