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Covariate Balance Tables and Plots

balance.summaryCompute balance statistics for covariates
bal.plotGenerate Univariate Balance Plots
bal.tabGenerates Balance Statistics statistics for CBPS Objects Statistics for Other Objects Statistics for Data Sets Statistics for Longitudinal Treatments Statistics for 'Matching', 'optmatch', 'ebal', and... Statistics for MatchIt Objects Statistics for MatchThem Objects Statistics for twang Objects Statistics for WeightIt Objects '' with Clustered Data '' with Multiply Imputed Data '' with Longitudinal Treatments '' with Multi-Category Treatments '' with Subclassified Data
cobalt-packagecobalt: Covariate Balance Tables and Plots
display_optionsOptions for Displaying '' Output
f.buildConvenient Formula Generation
get.wExtract Weights from Preprocessing Objects
lalondeLalonde's National Supported Work Demonstration data
love.plotGenerate Balance Plots for Publication
print.bal.tabPrint Results of a Call to ''
set.cobalt.optionsSet options in cobalt
splitfactorSplit and Unsplit Factors into Dummy Variables
var.namesExtract Variable Names from '' Objects
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