cobalt-package: cobalt: Covariate Balance Tables and Plots

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A set of tools for assessing, displaying, and reporting covariate balance in observational studies before and after preprocessing through matching, weighting, or subclassification (e.g., using propensity scores). Compatible with many of the major preprocessing packages, including MatchIt, twang, Matching, WeightIt, and others, serving as a replacement or supplement to their balance assessment functions. The focus in cobalt is on flexible output, methodologically recommended practices, and smart defaults.

It's critical that you read some of the documentation to understand what values are being produced. See the links below for the main functions and what output they create:

In addition to the main functions, there are also some helper functions that users might find valuable:


Please cite cobalt if you use it to produce balance tables or plots in your paper to ensure replicability by others performing the same analysis. Use citation("cobalt") to generate a current citation.


Noah Greifer

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