colorDF-package: colorDF – colorful data frames in your terminal

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colorDF – colorful data frames in your terminal


colorDF allows you to view data frames using the color and styling capabilities of an ANSI terminal: 216 colors! 16 base colors! 24 shades of gray! Italic, bold, inverse and underline! Well, OK, this may not seem much, but in fact it allows at highlighting, showing different column types or coloring significant p-values in red. Trust me, it is useful if you work a lot with huge data frames.

colorDF does not really introduce a new type of a data frame; when applied to tibbles, data frames or data tables it does not change their behavior except for the print method. In other words, it is only a visualization layer on top of a data frame like object, which will otherwise work exactly as expected.

To get started, continue with the colorDF() help page.

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See Also

colorDF() on creating colorful data frames; global options for colorDF; df_style() on how to modify style of the colorful data frame; col_type() on how to change column types; colorDF_themes() to list all themes; colorDF_themes_show() to view all themes.

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