Man pages for condSURV
Estimation of the Conditional Survival Function for Ordered Multivariate Failure Time Data

BeranEstimation of the conditional distribution function of the...
bladderCSBladder Cancer Recurrences.
colonCSChemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer.
condSURV-packagecondSURV: Estimation of the Conditional Survival Function for...
gbcsCSGerman Breast Cancer Study Data.
KMKaplan-Meier product-limit estimate of survival.
KMWKaplan-Meier weights.
LLWLocal linear weights.
NWWNadaraya-Watson weights.
PKMPresmoothed Kaplan-Meier product-limit estimate of survival.
PKMWPresmoothed Kaplan-Meier weights.
plot.survCSPlot for an object of class "survCS".
summary.survCSSummarizing fits of 'survCS' class
survCONDConditional survival probabilities based on the Kaplan-Meier...
survCSCreate a survCS object.
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