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  1. confidence region plots in two-dimensions corresponding to a user given dataset, level of significance, and parametric probability distribution (supported distribution suffixes: cauchy, gamma, invgauss, lnorm, llogis, logis, norm, unif, weibull),

  2. coverage simulations (if a point of interest is within or outside of a confidence region boundary) for either random samples drawn from a user-specified parametric distribution or for a user-specified dataset and point of interest, and

  3. calculating confidence intervals and the associated actual coverage for binomial proportions.

Request from authors: Please properly cite any use of this package and/or its algorithms, which are detailed in the corresponding publication by Weld (2018) <doi:10.1080/00031305.2018.1564696>. Additionally, we welcome and appreciate your feedback and insights as to how this resource is being leveraged to improve whatever it is you do. Please include your name and academic and/or business affiliation in your correspondance.


This package includes the functions:


The CRAN website contains links for vignettes on the crplot and coversim functions.


The lead author thanks The Omar Bradley Fellowship for Research in Mathematics for funding that partially supported this work.


Christopher Weld, Hayeon Park, Larry Leemis

Maintainer: Christopher Weld <>

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