conicfit: Algorithms for Fitting Circles, Ellipses and Conics Based on the Work by Prof. Nikolai Chernov

Geometric circle fitting with Levenberg-Marquardt (a, b, R), Levenberg-Marquardt reduced (a, b), Landau, Spath and Chernov-Lesort. Algebraic circle fitting with Taubin, Kasa, Pratt and Fitzgibbon-Pilu-Fisher. Geometric ellipse fitting with ellipse LMG (geometric parameters) and conic LMA (algebraic parameters). Algebraic ellipse fitting with Fitzgibbon-Pilu-Fisher and Taubin.

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AuthorJose Gama [aut, cre], Nikolai Chernov [aut, cph]
Date of publication2015-10-05 22:57:57
MaintainerJose Gama <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

AtoG: Conversion of algebraic parameters to geometric parameters

calculateCircle: Generate points from a circle

calculateEllipse: Generate points from a ellipse

CircleFitByKasa: Algebraic circle fit (Kasa method)

CircleFitByLandau: Geometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) by...

CircleFitByPratt: Algebraic circle fit by Pratt

CircleFitBySpath: Geometric circle fit by Spath

CircleFitByTaubin: Algebraic circle fit (Taubin method)

conicfit-internal: Internal conicfit functions

EllipseDirectFit: Algebraic ellipse fit method by Fitzgibbon-Pilu-Fisher

EllipseFitByTaubin: Algebraic ellipse fit by Taubin

ellipticity: Formulas for the ellipse

estimateInitialGuessCircle: Estimate Initial Guess Circle values

fitbookstein: Linear ellipse fit using bookstein constraint

fit.conicLMA: Fitting a conic to a given set of points (Implicit method)

fit.ellipseLMG: Fitting an ellipse using Implicit method

GtoA: Conversion of geometric parameters to algebraic parameters

JmatrixLMA: Compute the Jacobian matrix using algebraic parameters

JmatrixLMG: Compute the Jacobian matrix using geometric parameters

LMcircleFit: Geometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) based...

LMreducedCircleFit: Geometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) based...

Residuals.ellipse: Projecting a given set of points onto an ellipse

ResidualsG: Projecting a given set of points onto an ellipse

Residuals.hyperbola: Projecting a given set of points onto an hyperbola

Residuals.parabola: Projecting a given set of points onto an parabola


AtoG Man page
calculateCircle Man page
calculateEllipse Man page
CircleFitByKasa Man page
CircleFitByLandau Man page
CircleFitByPratt Man page
CircleFitBySpath Man page
CircleFitByTaubin Man page
conic2parametric Man page
CurrentIteration Man page
CurrentIterationReduced Man page
EllipseDirectFit Man page
ellipseEccentricity Man page
EllipseFitByTaubin Man page
ellipseFocus Man page
ellipse.l Man page
ellipseRa Man page
ellipseRp Man page
ellipticity Man page
estimateInitialGuessCircle Man page
fitbookstein Man page
fit.conicLMA Man page
fit.ellipseLMG Man page
fit.ellipseLMG.H Man page
fitggk Man page
GtoA Man page
JmatrixLMA Man page
JmatrixLMG Man page
LMcircleFit Man page
LMreducedCircleFit Man page
Residuals.ellipse Man page
ResidualsG Man page
Residuals.hyperbola Man page
Residuals.parabola Man page

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