Man pages for conicfit
Algorithms for Fitting Circles, Ellipses and Conics Based on the Work by Prof. Nikolai Chernov

AtoGConversion of algebraic parameters to geometric parameters
calculateCircleGenerate points from a circle
calculateEllipseGenerate points from a ellipse
CircleFitByKasaAlgebraic circle fit (Kasa method)
CircleFitByLandauGeometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) by...
CircleFitByPrattAlgebraic circle fit by Pratt
CircleFitBySpathGeometric circle fit by Spath
CircleFitByTaubinAlgebraic circle fit (Taubin method)
conicfit-internalInternal conicfit functions
EllipseDirectFitAlgebraic ellipse fit method by Fitzgibbon-Pilu-Fisher
EllipseFitByTaubinAlgebraic ellipse fit by Taubin
ellipticityFormulas for the ellipse
estimateInitialGuessCircleEstimate Initial Guess Circle values
fitbooksteinLinear ellipse fit using bookstein constraint
fit.conicLMAFitting a conic to a given set of points (Implicit method)
fit.ellipseLMGFitting an ellipse using Implicit method
GtoAConversion of geometric parameters to algebraic parameters
JmatrixLMACompute the Jacobian matrix using algebraic parameters
JmatrixLMGCompute the Jacobian matrix using geometric parameters
LMcircleFitGeometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) based...
LMreducedCircleFitGeometric circle fit (minimizing orthogonal distances) based...
Residuals.ellipseProjecting a given set of points onto an ellipse
ResidualsGProjecting a given set of points onto an ellipse
Residuals.hyperbolaProjecting a given set of points onto an hyperbola
Residuals.parabolaProjecting a given set of points onto an parabola
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