Man pages for conjurer
A Parametric Method for Generating Synthetic Data

buildCustBuild a Unique Customer Identifier
buildDistrBuild Data Distribution
buildHierarchyGenerate hierarchical data
buildNameBuild Dynamic Strings
buildNamesGenerate Names
buildNumBuild Numeric Data
buildOutliersBuild Outliers in Data Distribution
buildParetoMap Factors Based on Pareto Arguments
buildPatternBuild a pattern
buildProdBuild Product Data
buildSpikeBuild Spikes in the Data Distribution
genFirstPairsExtracts the First Two Alphabets of the String
genMatrixGenerate Frequency Distribution Matrix
genPatternGenerate a pattern
genTransBuild Transaction Data
genTreeGenerate complete m-ary connected graph
genTriplesExtracts Three Consecutive Alphabets of the String
missingArgHandlerHandle Missing Arguments in Function
nextAlphaProbGenerate Next Alphabet
treeDfA supporting function.
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