Man pages for conjurer
A Parametric Method for Generating Synthetic Data

buildCustBuild a Unique Customer Identifier
buildDistrBuild Data Distribution
buildHierarchyGenerate hierarchical data
buildIdBuild identifier
buildModelDataGenerate Synthetic Data using uncovr API
buildNameBuild Dynamic Strings
buildNamesGenerate Names
buildNumBuild Numeric Data
buildOutliersBuild Outliers in Data Distribution
buildParetoMap Factors Based on Pareto Arguments
buildPatternBuild a pattern
buildProdBuild Product Data
buildSpikeBuild Spikes in the Data Distribution
extractDfExtract Dataframe from uncovr API Response
genFirstPairsExtracts the First Two Alphabets of the String
genIndepDepJsonGenerate Body for the POST Function of Uncovr
genMatrixGenerate Frequency Distribution Matrix
genPatternGenerate a pattern
genTransBuild Transaction Data
genTreeGenerate complete m-ary connected graph
genTriplesExtracts Three Consecutive Alphabets of the String
missingArgHandlerHandle Missing Arguments in Function
nextAlphaProbGenerate Next Alphabet
treeDfA supporting function.
uncovrApiPOST Function for Calling uncovr API
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