constrainedKriging: Constrained, Covariance-Matching Constrained and Universal Point or Block Kriging

Provides functions for efficient computations of nonlinear spatial predictions with local change of support. This package supplies functions for tow-dimensional spatial interpolation by constrained, covariance-matching constrained and universal (external drift) kriging for points or block of any shape for data with a nonstationary mean function and an isotropic weakly stationary variogram. The linear spatial interpolation methods, constrained and covariance-matching constrained kriging, provide approximately unbiased prediction for nonlinear target values under change of support. This package extends the range of geostatistical tools available in R and provides a veritable alternative to conditional simulation for nonlinear spatial prediction problems with local change of support.

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AuthorChristoph Hofer
Date of publication2015-04-30 23:59:28
MaintainerChristoph Hofer <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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ck.colors Man page
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CKrige,formula,data.frame,formula,preCKrigePoints-method Man page
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f.point.rec.covmat Man page
f.points.CKrige Man page
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f.polygoncovmat Man page
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preCKrige,SpatialPoints,ANY,covmodel-method Man page
preCKrige,SpatialPointsDataFrame,ANY,covmodel-method Man page
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preCKrige,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame,ANY,covmodel-method Man page
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