conting: Bayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables

Bayesian analysis of complete and incomplete contingency tables.

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AuthorAntony M. Overstall
Date of publication2016-08-11 18:40:26
MaintainerAntony M. Overstall <>

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Man pages

accept_rate: Compute Acceptance Rates for Metropolis-Hastings and...

add_term: Determines Model Moves Given Current Model

AOH: Alcohol, Obesity and Hypertension: A Complete 4 * 3 * 2 Table

bayespval: Compute Bayesian p-value

bcct: Bayesian Analysis of Complete Contingency Tables Bayesian Analysis of Complete Contingency Tables

beta_mode: Posterior Mode

bict: Bayesian Analysis of Incomplete Contingency Tables Bayesian Analysis of Incomplete Contingency Tables

conting-package: Bayesian Analysis of Complete and Incomplete Contingency...

find_cens: Find Censored Cells

formula2index: Convert Between Formula and Index

heart: Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease: A Complete 2^6 Table

index2model: Convert Between Index and Model Indicator

inter_probs: Calculate Posterior Probability of Each Term

inter_stats: Compute Posterior Summary Statistics of the Log-Linear...

iwls_mh: Iterated Weighted Least Square Metropolis Hastings Algorithm

mod_probs: Compute Posterior Model Probabilities

plot.pval: Plot 'pval' Objects

plot.totpop: Plot 'totpop' Objects

print.acceptrate: Prints 'acceptrate' Objects

print.bcct: Print 'bcct' and 'bict' Objects

print.interprob: Print 'interprob' Objects

print.interstat: Print 'interstat' Objects

print.modprobs: Print 'modprobs' Objects

print.pval: Print 'pval' Objects

print.submod: Print 'submod' Objects

print.totpop: Print 'totpop' Objects

RJ_update: Reversible Jump Algorithm

ScotPWID: People Who Inject Drugs in Scotland 2006: An Incomplete 2^7...

spina: Persons born with Spina Bifida: An Incomplete 2 * 2 * 2 * 3...

sub_model: Compute Posterior Summary Statistics for (Sub-) Models

summary.bcct: Summary of 'bcct' and 'bict' Objects

total_pop: Evaluate Posterior Distribution of Total Population Size


accept_rate Man page
add_term Man page
AOH Man page
bayespval Man page
bcct Man page Man page
bcctsubset Man page Man page
bcctsubsetu Man page
bcctu Man page
beta_mode Man page
bict Man page Man page
bictu Man page
conting Man page
conting-package Man page
drop_term Man page
find_cens Man page
formula2index Man page
heart Man page
index2formula Man page
index2model Man page
inter_probs Man page
inter_stats Man page
iwls_mh Man page
model2index Man page
mod_probs Man page
plot.pval Man page
plot.totpop Man page
print.acceptrate Man page
print.bcct Man page
print.bict Man page
print.interprob Man page
print.interstat Man page
print.modprobs Man page
print.pval Man page
print.sbcct Man page
print.sbict Man page
print.submod Man page
print.totpop Man page
prop_mod Man page
RJ_update Man page
RJ_update_swap Man page
ScotPWID Man page
spina Man page
sub_model Man page
summary.bcct Man page
summary.bict Man page
total_pop Man page

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