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Bayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables

accept_rateCompute Acceptance Rates for Metropolis-Hastings and...
add_termDetermines Model Moves Given Current Model
AOHAlcohol, Obesity and Hypertension: A Complete 4 * 3 * 2 Table
bayespvalCompute Bayesian p-value
bcctBayesian Analysis of Complete Contingency Tables
bcct.fitBayesian Analysis of Complete Contingency Tables
beta_modePosterior Mode
bictBayesian Analysis of Incomplete Contingency Tables
bict.fitBayesian Analysis of Incomplete Contingency Tables
conting-packageBayesian Analysis of Complete and Incomplete Contingency...
find_censFind Censored Cells
formula2indexConvert Between Formula and Index
heartRisk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease: A Complete 2^6 Table
index2modelConvert Between Index and Model Indicator
inter_probsCalculate Posterior Probability of Each Term
inter_statsCompute Posterior Summary Statistics of the Log-Linear...
iwls_mhIterated Weighted Least Square Metropolis Hastings Algorithm
mod_probsCompute Posterior Model Probabilities
plot.pvalPlot 'pval' Objects
plot.totpopPlot 'totpop' Objects
print.acceptratePrints 'acceptrate' Objects
print.bcctPrint 'bcct' and 'bict' Objects
print.interprobPrint 'interprob' Objects
print.interstatPrint 'interstat' Objects
print.modprobsPrint 'modprobs' Objects
print.pvalPrint 'pval' Objects
print.submodPrint 'submod' Objects
print.totpopPrint 'totpop' Objects
RJ_updateReversible Jump Algorithm
ScotPWIDPeople Who Inject Drugs in Scotland 2006: An Incomplete 2^7...
spinaPersons born with Spina Bifida: An Incomplete 2 * 2 * 2 * 3...
sub_modelCompute Posterior Summary Statistics for (Sub-) Models
summary.bcctSummary of 'bcct' and 'bict' Objects
total_popEvaluate Posterior Distribution of Total Population Size
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